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6 tricks to get sex more often

This is one of the few questions that can be embarrassing to ask even yourself. Why? Because the feeling of closeness and sexual understanding with a partner are very intimate things. And any failures in this regard are perceived by us too painfully. But, fortunately, even the most difficult question can always be answered correctly! The worst thing about this situation is that you are looking at the second side of the equation when you need to pay attention to the first. And so you are asking the wrong question. For example, don’t get hung up on how to make more money. You need to focus on realizing their true value. Don’t get hung up on why you don’t have energy. You need to focus on what food you are giving to your body.  

Don’t get hung up on how to get your partner to initiate sex more often. Focus on the current state of your relationship and how you can improve your overall sense of togetherness so that your partner becomes more sexually active. In other words, don’t think about the result, focus on the process! So what can you do to make your partner more likely to initiate sex? Start with these six things.  


1. Don’t expect to have sex just because it’s your partner.

Yes, it would be great if your partner who is so attracted to you had an endless supply of sexual desire focused on you and only you throughout your life. But what happens in reality? Each person’s sexual desire has its own ebb and flow. And in your life together there will be a million more times when your partner’s sexual desire will look like a blocking spell has been cast on him, and you will feel it perfectly. Therefore, first of all, you must stop demanding sex from him just because he is your partner. After all, this suggests that you take your partner for granted, and not as a person for whom you also sometimes need to fight. Patient waiting is a powerful aphrodisiac. You shouldn’t stop actively caring for and caring for your partner (this can be called many different names) simply because you are already in a relationship. Relationships require constant work and a lot of effort. If at work you are no longer valuable as a specialist, you will no longer be paid money. And by analogy, if you stop putting some effort into your relationship at least once in a while, you will stop having sexual pleasure with your partner. Everything is fair! 


2. Always be happy with yourself and self-confident

If everything in your life does not go the way you want it (outside of your relationship), and you want sex for self-examination (i.e. from the point of view of psychology, the subtext is as follows: in this way you will convince yourself that you are a worthy person, time with you wanted to have sex), then be honest with yourself and admit it at least to yourself.

There is a lot of evidence that we sometimes see ourselves as if through the opinion of our partners about us. But be careful! This should not be the only reason why you are trying to increase the frequency of sexual intercourse with your partner. And if you really need it, be honest with him and confess to him why sex at this moment is so important to you.

3. Clear your communication blocks

Often the reason that your sex life has lost its freshness and passionate intensity is that too many misunderstandings and omissions have accumulated between you, which slowly accumulated as your relationship developed.

The negative moments that each of you keeps in your mind about a partner or relationship in general, stand in the way of your intimate connection and reduce your sexual desire for each other.

You must remove the blocks of negativity that impede the flow of sexual energy between you. How to do it? Begin to communicate more actively and openly with each other, discuss all the problems, understand and forgive each other. This will help you overcome any obstacles between you.

4. Increase physical affection and touch.

Man is a social being, and therefore we all crave physical affection. If you’re looking for affection as you increase your sexual encounter, start with physical touch that you can exchange every day.

Snuggle with your partner in the morning after waking up and at night before bed. Hug him longer than usual. Kiss more often and for longer than a few seconds. Run your fingers through his hair. Hold hands when walking with him. Just touch.

5. Start initiating sex yourself more often.

Gandhi once said, “Become the change you want to see in the world.”

If you and your partner have not had sex for several days, weeks, or even months, and you, having turned on your pride, are waiting for him to take the first step, you should finally become an adult and initiate intimacy first. Leave these childish games! There are plenty of reasons to play outside of your personal life. Plus, neither of you will win this sexy cold war.

6. Focus more on your partner during sex

Is it possible that in most of your sexual encounters, you were more focused on yourself than on your partner? Who are you trying to please in the first place?

Take a close look at what your partner likes and dislikes, and do whatever it takes to give him the best orgasm of his life, and he will likely want to have sex much more often.

And don’t forget to keep an eye on the quality of your sex life. I mean, you hardly want to be deceived by a customer in a restaurant who expected to see the most delicious and delicious dishes, but got an elementary habitual snack? It’s the same with your partner. If you’ve allowed your sex life to dip from gourmet delicacies to cheap fast food, then how can you blame your partner for wanting to stay away from extra calories?

Be attentive to each other, because this is the main key to satisfying your sex life! You shouldn’t be half asleep in a relationship.

We hope that our article will help you learn to truly see and feel your desires and the desires of your partner. If so, write share it with us in the comments.

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