The princess and the pea: the clitoris – what is it, where is it and how to caress it

The pleasure is so sweet and delightfully beautiful. Absolutely all representatives of modern society are chasing him. Someone finds it at the bottom of the bottle, someone at the end of a heroin needle, and someone jumps headlong from the edge of the abyss, held only by a thin elastic band. There is a safer way to attain nirvana. During intercourse, a breathtaking hormonal cocktail is released into the bloodstream. Depending on the type of intimate caresses, adrenaline, oxytocin and, of course, endorphin hit us in the head.

I sincerely envy men, because it is much easier for them to get the desired relaxation. In the absence of physical pathologies, ejaculation for a mature representative of the strong half of humanity is a matter of minutes. The simplicity and obviousness of muscular release , combined with the mysterious nature of female satisfaction, has led to the fact that for centuries the very existence of the female orgasm has been rejected. And all because the partners did not pay enough attention to the study of anatomy and grinding techniques for stimulating the erogenous zones. So, let’s imagine that we are at the stage of development of a dense bumpkin of the Middle Ages and do not know a thing about the structure of the partner’s genitals. The clitoris was discovered in very ancient times. Hippocrates, Avicenna, Abulkasis and other equally famous scientists tried to describe it with varying success . However, Realdo Colombo is rightfully considered the ancestor of serious experiments , it was he who first connected the clitoris with female pleasure. Up to this point, the physiological function of this organ has been misinterpreted. Paradoxically, it took about 4 centuries for Colombo’s hypotheses to be accepted by the scientific community. During his lifetime, the researcher was subjected to merciless attacks from opponents. Today, only completely dense people have not heard of the magic button. Many associate the clitoris with the penis, but ordinary people are only partly right. Both organs tend to increase in size as arousal increases and play a primary role in getting an orgasm, however, since a lady’s pea has 2 times more nerve endings and a more complex structure, it is impossible to draw any parallels and draw unambiguous conclusions. 


Anatomy lesson

The first step is to answer nibolee frequently asked question, namely – where the clitoris is. In the image below, you can contemplate the structure of the external female genital organs. If you are a man, then ask your beloved to serve as a living example of your scientific research, well, if you are a beautiful lady, then use a mirror and compare the picture with the existing set. Fortunately, without exception, the genitals of female homosapiens have a similar structure.

The labia minora are connected in two places, one at the bottom and the other at the top. Approximately in the middle is the opening leading into the vagina, just above which is the urethra. Only a tiny fraction of the clitoris, the so-called “head”, comes out to the surface, protected by a skin fold – a hood. Its location is above the upper junction of the labia minora. The size of the head is inversely proportional to its sensitivity. The larger it is, the less response the stimulation produces.

In reality, the hooded head is just the tip of the iceberg. All the most interesting is hidden in the depths of the flesh. Please familiarize yourself with the actual state of affairs. A quick glance at a picture of the intramuscular structure of the clitoris reveals that the organ is extremely complex. Its cavernous body (1) sometimes reaches 90-100 mm in length. It divides into two legs (2) that encircle the opening to the vagina (5) and resemble the letter V turned upside down. The legs end in bulbs (4), enveloping the urethra (3) and the vagina on both sides. All of the above-described constituent parts add up to a single clitoral complex, permeated with a network of blood vessels and replete with nerve endings.

In an intimate sense, the primary role is assigned to the head of the clitoris, hood and frenum (the zone of transition of the labia minora to the clitoris). These organs are open to stimulation from the outside and can lead a woman into genuine ecstasy. Phew, the boring scientific part can be considered officially over!

They are looking for firefighters, the police are looking for …

Armed with your newfound knowledge of anatomy, finding your clitoris is easy. There are two generally accepted methods – visual and tactile. The first is simple to disgrace – put the girl on her back, ask her to spread her legs and look at both. If you still doubt your visual memory, use the picture with the structure of the female intimate organs. The algorithm is as follows:

  • clearly define where the labia majora are;
  • part them a little, and you will find the labia minora (true – incredible!);
  • their upper base will have a small fold (as we remember, this is a hood);
  • peel back the protective cover and behold the clitoris in all its glory.

Please note that two absolutely identical reproductive systems do not exist. Maiden pearls can vary in size and stealth. In some ladies, the clitoris is large, like a grape and proudly rises on the surface, while in others it is hidden in the depths of the integument and is small, like a seed. To make sure that this is really the same bitch, wet your finger with saliva and lightly massage. The increase in size indicates the success of the operation code-named “Red Button”.

The tactile method is not so reliable and it comes to the rescue in zero visibility conditions. For example, when intercourse takes place in the twilight or the chosen position does not allow you to take a good look at everything. You must follow this sequence of actions:

  • moisten your finger abundantly with saliva and apply it to the pubic bone closer to the base of the labia majora;
  • move slowly towards the vagina;
  • when descending, perform wave-like massaging vibrations;
  • feel for a tubercle at the point of convergence of the labia minora;
  • accentuate manipulations in this place;
  • if it increases, then you have reached the goal.

A remark should be made. Please note that the sensitivity of girls varies widely. Proceed with extreme caution and gentleness. There are often cases in which even a light touch brought unbearable pain. It is preferable that your impulses were previously agreed with your partner.

The technical side of the process

The response of the clitoris at different times of intercourse is fundamentally different from the response of the penis to similar stimulation. There are four main stages. To increase the effectiveness of your caresses, you need to understand that everything is going according to plan, each stage brings the mistress closer to orgasm. Your wrong actions can reduce the effort to zero.

1. Excitation phase

The first stage is associated with an increase in pleasure. Typical signs are clitoris elongation (up to three times compared to the dimensions at rest). The labia majora open like the shutters of an oyster, while the labia majora are engorged and pushed forward. The activity of the Bartholin glands increases, lubricant begins to be released abundantly, the vagina is moistened and becomes ready to receive a member. The supraclitoral hood is retracted, it is difficult to see it with the naked eye.

2. Plateau phase

This is the most crucial stage, because only a few minutes remain before orgasm. The sensitivity of the clitoris reaches its peak, the slightest touch is painful. The pea “hides” under the protection of the hood. The Bartholin glands work to their maximum, releasing an additional amount of lubricant. The labia minora turn red and become much thicker. The elasticity of the vagina is extreme, its opening opens up even more. Never stop stimulating.

3. The climax phase

The clitoris literally pulls into the folds of the skin. The walls of the vulva and uterine muscles contract, and orgasm occurs. In some girls, the climax involves the anus and rectum.

4. Relaxation phase

It is also called the Rollback Stage. Female genital organs are bouncing back, gradually returning to standard dimensions. Blood drains from the pelvis, the uterus sinks, the activity of the Bartholin glands is inhibited, the vagina narrows. The clitoris, as if nothing had happened, “looks” out and only slightly rises at the point of convergence of the small lips.

20 rules for working with the clitoris

Immediately I want to clarify – further we will focus exclusively on hand caresses. In my humble opinion, cunnilingus techniques deserve a separate article.

1. Heart-to-heart conversation

First of all, ask your beloved what exactly gives her pleasure and what she absolutely dislikes. There are millions of women on earth with a hypersensitive clitoris. They do not accept direct touches and rough pressing on the innermost button. If fate pushed you against such a capricious person, then look for a specific approach and implement deceptive maneuvers. As they say, the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe.

2. Increase the humidity

There are no glands in the vicinity of the clitoris designed for its abundant lubrication. Rubbing dry is pointless, as you will only cause discomfort to your partner. Sex shop shelves are full of all kinds of lubricants , for example, there are special gels with a warming effect that accelerate the onset of orgasm. At worst, use your own saliva. 

3. Dangerous method

Option suitable for insensitive pearls. In it, the partner very quickly, but without excessive pressure, rubs the clitoris with his finger, having previously pushed the hood back. The climax happens with lightning speed.

4. Stimulation-imitation

Feelings are like honey, the same sweet and viscous. Manipulations repeat sexual intercourse. The man runs his fingers along the perineum, alternating massage of the clitoris with penetrations into the vagina. An additional advantage is the use of natural lubrication.

5. Nearby areas

If a girl reacts painfully to touching directly to the clitoris, then it is quite obvious that the game with the head is excluded. A man should either caress the button through the hood, or pay attention to the small labia and bridle. There is another way out – place your palm on the perineum with your fingertips to the key point and move up and down, avoiding rubbing against the clitoris. You seem to be drawing the letter V.

6. The quieter you go – the further you will be

Do not immediately start furious kneading of delicate flesh, do not forget about foreplay. An excited partner has a clearer clitoris and is easier to spot, so don’t be lazy and spend a good half hour kissing, stroking and nibbling .

7. Show must go on

Do not stop even under the pretext of a zombie apocalypse or a nuclear explosion. A break is tantamount to a total fiasco. Wait until your beloved herself says, “Enough.” Let her moans deafen your ears, resist the temptation to succumb to the provocative squirming of your hips. Patiently overcome the burning sensation in the joints – you are unshakable, like flint. 

8. Deeper doesn’t mean better

If you read the technical part carefully, then you probably remember that at a certain stage the clitoris is hidden under the hood. You should not try to extract it into the light of day, continue in the same spirit, despite the absence of a tubercle. A fatal mistake is to pick and scratch the supersensitive head.

9. Skip to panties

It is not necessary to take off your underwear for high-quality stimulation. Petting through thin satin or lace panties delivers no less, and sometimes more, pleasure than brutal stimulation. Many ladies will give you a standing ovation if you surprise them with indirect contact. The soft fabric glides smoothly over the bead and small sex lips, easily working the entire surface. A recommendation from personal experience – when the girl is pretty aroused, move the wet matter aside and insert your fingers into the vagina, continuing to massage the clitoris through the underwear.

10. Place of execution

Don’t get hung up on one point. Stroking and pulling on the pubic adipose tissue indirectly affects the clitoris area. Press your fingers on the skin and move it towards the abdomen. If the girl has an intimate hairstyle, run your fingers through the hairs and pull them, this will provide a strong blood flow and will lead the partner from a half turn.

11. Battle for Leadership

Uncertainty is not so difficult to overcome; it is enough to show a little bit of ingenuity. The best way to find out the secret desires of a mistress is to hand over the reins. Ask her to place the pen on top of your rough palms and control her movements. Speak with a breath, even if the request does not sound like a plaintive plea, but an invitation to engage in an erotic game. Girls are curious about such tricks and willingly join the battle.

12. Beat the rhythm

Tapping on the clitoris also has a positive effect. Place your fingers to the sides of the target area and drum roll. The main rule is to keep a steady pace. A little later, you can move the phalanges closer to the clitoris or transfer them to the hood.

13. DJ

No one will argue that the technique of monotonous up and down movements has justified itself and did not give reason to doubt its own solvency. It will surely lead to the desired result. However, the circular roll-off stimulation evenly affects the head of the clitoris, applying equal pressure from all directions.

14. Rodeo

Sit the lady on your hand so that the vagina touches the wrist, the hand rubbed against the clitoris, and the fingers wrapped around the pubis. This is a completely new approach to traditional petting. Combine your efforts with your partner, let her crotch back and forth while your hand moves left and right. So the lovers will cover the largest possible area and provide a super-strong orgasm.

15. Okay

The technique is suitable for very sensitive girls, because the number of nerve endings hidden in the labia is an order of magnitude lower than the number of those in the clitoris. Cover your partner’s crotch with your palm and, using light pressure, warm up the skin. Try not to hit the pea. You will activate blood flow and delight your loved one.

16. With both hands “for”

Use both hands, one – please the clitoris, and the other – open the vagina and look for the G spot with your fingers. A comprehensive study of several erogenous zones will lead to an amazing orgasm. It is likely to cause a girl to squirt or experience a successive series of peak states.

17. Soul company

Personal hygiene becomes much more pleasant if a loved one is nearby during the process of ablution. The shower hose with water splitter can be adapted as a clitoral hydromassage instrument . Regulate the pressure by moving the watering can further away and closer, use your fingers and turn on your imagination.

18. Ghost with a motor

No man can compete with even the most primitive vibrator model. Visit an adult store and purchase a special clitoris toy. I give a 100% guarantee that your lady will appreciate all the benefits of sharing a brand new device. With its help, you will lift the lady of the heart to unprecedented heights.  

19. What is the strength, brother?

Forced stimulation is another mistake most men make. The clitoris does not tolerate pressure of 100,500 atmospheres, pulling almost to the ears and pinching between the fingers-vice. Be extremely careful and gentle.

20. Twice two does not equal four

Orgasm is not a reason to increase the intensity and rub at supersonic speed. On the contrary, changing the pace negatively affects the overall experience and weakens the climax.

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