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10 rules of intimate etiquette

Intimacy between the stronger and weaker sex is the main component of their relationship. If you want to keep love and happiness as long as possible, you must adhere to the rules of “bed etiquette”. After all, it will not be difficult for you to remember them.

1. Talk about desires 

Talk about your desires, needs and what activities give you the most pleasure. Men are not telepathic and cannot read minds.

2. Don’t fake an orgasm 

Do not fake an orgasm under any circumstances. You cheat and confuse your partner. He thinks that everything is fine, and nothing else needs to be done, and you are accumulating dissatisfaction in yourself. 

3. Reciprocity 

Do not forget that a man also wants to receive pleasant emotions and satisfaction. Don’t be selfish and don’t forget to please your partner.

4. Don’t hold back 

Don’t hide your emotions unnecessarily. Moan, scream those, growl – everything is possible in sex.

5. Second chance 

Do not give up and do not be discouraged if the first attempt failed. Next time, help a new partner, treat him with attention and understanding.

6. Green light 

For all non-traditional activities in bed, for example, anal sex, the partner must always get your permission. If the man does not do this, part with him and do not regret it.

7. Masturbation 

Masturbate. It has already been scientifically proven that self-satisfaction can lead to more powerful orgasms. If you decide to masturbate during intimacy with a man, do not hesitate. Such manipulations excite and enhance the orgasm of both partners.

8. Expanding horizons 

Don’t be afraid to try new things. If the innovations do not shock you and do not contradict moral principles, feel free to act, it will expand your sexual boundaries.

9. Initiative 

Take the initiative often. In bed, a man will appreciate it. Do not be afraid to be a provocateur of intimacy and. Get the best of the situation.

10. Sperm 

Swallowing semen is very beneficial for the female body. It tones and refreshes. Plus, there are fewer stains on the sheets. This simple set of rules will help you get to know yourself and your partner better. Apply them in your intimate life and make sure of their effectiveness.  

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