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Sex role playing

According to statistics, the severity of sensations in bed disappears after a year of regular sex in 85% of couples. Someone is looking for variety on the side, and someone is finding new colors in the old relationship. If you want to feel new emotions in sex and reanimate the extinguished ardor – play with your loved one! Sex therapists claim that this is the perfect remedy for change and a breathtaking sensation.

What is the essence

Role-playing games are effective sex therapy and allow you to try on various images, while embodying the most secret desires and fantasies. Within the framework of the invented scenario, you can allow yourself to behave hitherto not typical for you, while remaining in the comfort and safety zone. Sexual games release the inner “angels” and “demons” outside, allowing you to experience new sensations and emotions. Such prevention has a beneficial effect on the intimate life of couples, provided that both of us get the pleasure of the game.

Where to begin

Start with a conversation. This is the most difficult step – talking to your partner about wanting to try something new in bed. If the idea to diversify sex life will be to both taste, then test the waters, who has what fantasies. Be honest and honest. The success of the whole event and the degree of pleasure that both of you will receive depends on your mutual understanding.

You can think of many options for the “bed game” scenario. Look deeper into the owl’s subconscious – it will give you ideas. If nothing comes to mind, use the list of the most common plots.

• A girl (boy) who behaved badly and is now subject to punishment; · Housekeeper, to whom the owner is not indifferent; · Bad police officer and arrest of the offender; · Teacher and student (or vice versa); · Hospital (examination by a doctor or a sexy nurse); · Rape; · Taskmaster and prisoner ; · Mr. or Mrs. 

Costumes, decorations, props

To complete the sensations, it is necessary to carefully consider all the details of the images: from makeup to the setting. Perhaps it will be easier for you to enter the role not at home, but in a rented apartment. Also take care of the costumes: underwear, uniforms, shoes and accessories will help create the right mood. Do not ignore intimate fetish in sex play.

The edge of what is permitted

In a sex game, there should be a framework of what is permitted and boundaries that cannot be exceeded. Talk to your partner about personal taboos and conventions that will signal that the situation is getting out of control, and the game is no longer liked by someone. Such designations can be gestures or stop words.

Work on bugs

Don’t be upset if the first try doesn’t go as smoothly as you would like. Role-playing is also an art that requires preparation and skill of the “actors”, so be sure to share with your partner how you feel after the session and discuss what you liked and what else requires work.
Psychologists assure that sexual games not only add variety to the intimate life of partners, but also make them one team in solving life’s difficulties. Such fun allows you to share the most intimate secrets with your loved one and discover the most hidden corners of his soul.

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