7 ways to stop sex from becoming a routine

It is no secret that after a certain time, the intimate relationship between partners ceases to please and give its former pleasure. Sex becomes a conjugal “duty” and “obligation.” Not the nicest concepts, right? This is what is the reason for the breakdown of relations. But if you value your significant other, you should try and change things. All in your hands. Here are some ways you can spice up your sex.

Method number 1

You, of course, have been together for a long time and think that you know all the sexual preferences of your chosen one. Let’s check. Talk to him about it over a cup of coffee or a candlelit dinner. Tell about what has already become boring and what you want to try. Be sure to ask his preferences. Believe me, you can learn a lot of new and interesting things for yourself. At the same time , such conversations are very close.

Method number 2

Foreplay is very important. Make it a rule with her help to keep your partner in good shape all the time. Sensual kisses, intimate SMS, a fragrant bath for two will create the necessary mood before a stormy night.

Method number 3

Do not forget that you are a woman, the sexiest and most desirable creature on the planet. Sex is an integral part of a good mood and unquenchable energy. Use your imagination to stimulate your libido. Imagine how your night will pass and let these thoughts be with you until the very moment of the climax.

Method number 4

Forget the “headache” excuse when your partner is eager, or better yet, try to take the initiative yourself. Perhaps you will like it, and if not, you will get aroused by the process itself. It is not for nothing that they say that “the appetite comes with eating.”

Method number 5

Use household chores to your advantage. Wash the dishes in front of your spouse in one apron. Wear sexy underwear and sweep the floors or dust off. Put on a transparent negligee and get ironed. Believe me, this will not remain without a man’s understanding.

Method number 6

Think about romance. Prepare his favorite meal, light candles, play suitable music, etc. Let it be an unexpected surprise for him. Who knows how he can surprise you in the bedroom in the evening.

Method number 7

Let you have a little secret (for example, make your own intimate movie, where you starring with your beloved). Watching such a video together will stir your memories and have a stimulating effect.
Remember that first of all everything depends on you and your attitude. But even if feelings have faded and emotions have dulled, all is not lost, and you can renew the old relationship in simple but effective ways.

event_note April 28, 2021

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