10 unexpected pathogens for men

Women naively believe that they know everything about men especially when it comes to intimate matters. Surely, and you think that in order for a partner to get aroused, he only needs to see your forms, lace underwear or hear a languid voice. We hasten to reassure you – this is not all that turns our loved ones on and excites their consciousness. We are not even aware of some of the excitants .

1. Awakening

Men, by nature, are owners, so they love the feeling of exclusive power over their woman. When in the morning you wake up and stretch, so cozy, defenseless and touching, they enjoy the thought that only they can see you like this. This can arouse a playful mood in them and a desire to possess you in all possible ways.

2. Anger

There is nothing sexier for a man than looking at an angry woman. The manifestation of emotions that make you blush, throw sparks with your eyes and heave your chest more often drives a strong half of humanity crazy. Perhaps your loved one has already told you how beautiful you are when you are angry. So, he was not lying, this is absolutely true. In this state, he wants to pacify you and suppress the storm of your emotions with unforgettable sex, which will be the best reconciliation in any quarrel.

3. Naturalness

We are forced to disappoint all women who go out of their way to appear before their loved ones fully armed: with styling and makeup. Of course, impeccable appearance will not leave men indifferent, but your naturalness, naturalness, slight carelessness in your hairstyle and lack of makeup evoke more feelings in them. They want to protect and love such home and simple people. This, as in the case of awakening, gives them a sense of power and exclusivity to see you without the tinsel, which is not allowed for everyone.


4. Men’s shirts

Men love to contemplate us at home in shirts thrown over a naked body instead of a dressing gown. So we associate with cute hooligans with whom you can relax and be yourself, and also feel free to discuss explicit topics and experiment in sex. Just don’t overuse this look and sometimes change your shirts for something more feminine for a change .

5. Musical instruments

It turns out that a strong half of humanity is attracted to women with musical or vocal talent. They consider music-making to be very sexy, and, regardless of what instrument the object of their adoration possesses. Just be self-critical and adequate in assessing your talents, so as not to make the opposite impression.

6. Tummy

Do not believe the notorious advertisements that tell you that a woman’s appearance should be perfect, especially in relation to her figure and abs. In fact, men like soft women, with a tummy that you can comfortably rest your head on or squeeze in your arms. Perfection instills complexes in men, and with an imperfect woman, they feel more comfortable and calm with themselves.

7. Breast size

Do not believe the stereotype that men fanateyut from a large and magnificent bust. Not everyone considers such breasts to be sexy, but small, firm, not saggy and neat, you always want to take it in your hands, admire and caress.

8. Appetite

A woman’s fad on diets and a healthy lifestyle has never attracted men. On a date in a restaurant, he will appreciate a woman who is not pretentious and confidently orders food and alcohol more than a languid beauty chewing broccoli all evening and then only until six o’clock. It is normal and natural for a person to have a good appetite. If you allow yourself to eat without hesitation with a man, this gives him a signal that you are just as brave and uninhibited in bed .

9. Points

If earlier you were embarrassed to wear glasses, flinching from the memories of school times, when you were teased with “glasses” or “four-eyed”, you can relax and even feel an advantage over other young ladies. The fact is that adult men consider glasses on a woman a sexual attribute that makes her romantic, nasty and attractive.

10. Tan marks

Are you trying in every possible way to cover your entire body with a tan, without exception? But in vain! White footprints from a swimsuit are very exciting for men. And it’s not about aesthetics. On bronze skin, white traces emphasize nudity, which excites the imagination of a strong half.
It turns out that men are not as primitive as many of us believe. They are romantic and sensual, they are impressed by touching things, and their excitement depends not only on banal stereotyped things, and this only expands the horizons of opportunities for seduction, which can be interesting for both parties.

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