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5 secret thoughts men have about sex

Men from childhood are brought up in severity, instilling in them a ban on the manifestation of excessive feelings, discontent, annoyance and self-doubt. They are also taught to be tolerant of the female sex and laconic. That is why you rarely hear from your sex partner his true thoughts and desires. To do this, you will have to be the first to take the initiative and strike up a frank conversation in order to understand what is going on in his head and what he wants.

What is she thinking about?

Men ask this question every time a partner does not react at all in bed to their actions. It is not clear whether she likes it or not? The silence in bed robs them of self-confidence, so your sighs and moans will significantly improve the situation. As a last resort, tell me directly what and how you want the man not to be tormented by guesswork. This will help ensure that both of you enjoy the process.

I wish I could do it in front of the mirror

It’s probably no secret for you that men love with their eyes, so their secret sexual desire is to do this in a room with mirrors. Seeing the whole process from the outside is the highest degree of pleasure, so you will make your partner the happiest man on earth if you yourself take the initiative and propose to implement such an idea.

When will she finish?

Men reach orgasm much faster than women, so it is always difficult for them to predict when their partners will reach the cherished peak of pleasure. To make it easier for your partner, tell me how you can bring you to the climax, or drag out the foreplay to warm up properly and finish at the same time.

Our sex has become boring for me

Of course, you will not hear this from your chosen one, but such thoughts may appear in his head. If you are observant, you yourself will easily understand when such a moment will come. Monotony, predictability and cooling in a relationship is hard not to feel. Do not give up and go for it! Look for new ideas, try on bold looks, change the atmosphere and experiment. Ask your partner what he would like to bring new to your sex. Be open to his suggestions. Working together on intimate relationships is sure to bear fruit.

I’m the boss in bed after all

Sometimes women are too addicted to the main role in sex, guided by the fact that men like the initiative on their part. That is how it is, but the line must be respected. Do not suppress the man’s desire to prove himself too. He should feel himself in charge and dominant. Even after the rider pose, having enjoyed the position, give the reins to men’s hands and let him finish what he started.
If a man is not satisfied with something in your sexual relationship, do not play silent, but talk to him frankly about it. Perhaps he simply does not dare to voice to you what worries him or what he wants. Do not hesitate, your initiative will be appreciated, and sex will become better and brighter for both of you.

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