5 ways to get rid of complexes in sex

Our complexes are thoughts, feelings, memories, experiences that form a distorted perception of ourselves. A person begins to painfully perceive his shortcomings and imperfections, which, of course, affects his intimate life, making it difficult to feel happy and receive satisfaction. How to be in this situation? The answer is obvious: do not deprive yourself of the joys of sex, but try to conquer them.

Complex 1. I look unattractive and do not excite him

One of the most common female complexes. However, understand one simple truth, if a guy is in your bed, then he already likes you. Believe me, he will not examine you under a microscope and look for extra pounds or focus on cellulite. He will perceive you as an object of sexual desire, not a picture in a gallery.

Complex 2. If I do not get an orgasm, he will think that I am frigid

All people are different, and each has its own psychological and physical characteristics. By the way, many of the fairer sex never get an orgasm at all. To do this, you need to study your partner’s body very well, all his erogenous zones, try an incredible number of poses and constantly change the situation. You should not be very strict with yourself in this matter. Remember that a man, wise with experience, should know such nuances. Otherwise , he is to blame no less than yours.

Complex 3. He will not like my caresses and behavior in bed

Everything is possible in bed. Think for yourself, how else can you find out what your chosen one prefers, and how you can let him know what you like, if you don’t try? The only rule: do not let go of dirty jokes and react rudely to his suggestions or actions. Try to be gentle and intimate. Of course, there are exceptions if you have been together for a long time, and this kind of behavior has an exciting effect on your couple.

Complex 4. I am afraid to talk about my desires and fantasies

It is rather not even a complex, but stupidity. Remember in any area of ​​life it is very important to voice your desires. And how then can others know what you want (for example, receive a gift for your birthday), if you do not voice your desire? Sex is even easier. Just pick the right moment and tell your boyfriend that it’s time to diversify your sex life, and you’re ready to experiment. Maybe the same thoughts are swarming in his head, and he, like you, is afraid to suggest it.

Complex 5. I am not as experienced and confident as he is

Don’t worry about trifles. He is a man, and by nature the desire to be stronger, wiser and more experienced in all matters is inherent in him on a subconscious level. Take a moment and ask him to teach you all the tricks. Believe me, he will be pleased, and he will not be able to refuse.
Now you know that all these complexes are nothing more than a figment of the playing out of the imagination. Do not get hung up on them and deprive yourself of the joys of intimacy. Be open and don’t be afraid to take action. Only by actions can one get invaluable experience and pleasure.

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