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10 signs a girl is not getting an orgasm

Hi guys. Today I will be more familiar than ever. And I have a good reason for this, namely, your inability to bring women to orgasm. Wait to close the tab or scroll to the comments field in order to pour brown text substance on me. A little background will whitewash me in your eyes. 

A prologue you can skip

So, I have a familiar couple. For clarity, let’s call the guy Maxim, and the girl Katya. I am in excellent relationship with the guys and both love to cry into my wide chest of the first size. It so happened that the other day I consistently met first with Max, and then with Katyuha .

For my friends, my occupation and what I write mainly about sex is not a secret. Therefore, 80% of conversations out of 100% sooner or later roll into a discussion of obscenities. These two dates were not destined to fall into the ranks of exceptions. But I got a lot of interesting things from the conversations .

Max was sprayed about what a hero-lover he was and bragged about how he “roasts her like a chicken on the grill ” He even tried to take off his shirt and show the nail marks left by the faithful in a fit of passion. Fortunately, the rules of being in public places prohibit public nudity. The comrade also actively asked for the position of a sex expert in my opuses. By the way, I praised him for his initiative, but rejected the offer … Let’s return to the main topic. Surprisingly, Katya’s opinion did not coincide with the testimony of her boyfriend. The girl complained that she did not experience an orgasm for almost six months , and imitates with the skill of a porn actress. So who should you believe? The answer is obvious – a lady will never lie about such serious things. And yes, no one is sinless (including myself). Ladies often imitate. They do this for different reasons (if you are interested, I will write a full article about this). Is it important for you to be a good lover, not to seem like that? Read 10 indicators of sexual worthlessness and draw parallels to your relationship. 



How to know if you are not satisfying her in bed

I will note right away that I will not take into account the typical female chipboard. Your girlfriend is not frigid, she is able to experience an orgasm and has previously (with you or with a previous partner) loved having sex. They drove to figure out what was going wrong. 

1. She chooses only one pose

If coitus occurred in one position only once, then this is not scary. There is no need to reproduce the Kamasutra in detail from the first to the last chapter. It gets really creepy when 20 intercourses did not differ in variety. This does not have to be a missionary position, doggy style, on the side and any other variation will do. Your lady, my dears, simply wants to shoot. It does not matter to her at all how the docking will take place.  

2. She does not take the initiative

Love of sex presupposes a desire to satisfy base needs. In the case of mutual consent, offers to make love come from both parties.

She immediately agrees, spreading her legs with the speed of lightning, but the rest of the time does not show any initiative? Sounds familiar guys? Congratulations, you are not satisfying your wives. 

3. She prefers blowjobs to sex

There are no girls who love blowjob more than sex. Only in the film “Deep Throat” the main character ends violently from the introduction of the penis into the oral cavity, and then only because the crazy writers placed the clitoris on her trachea. The partner will replace the ride with oral sex if the first does not bring her pleasure. The logic comes into play “I will suck it off quickly, but I will not suffer and imitate.”  

4. She does not completely undress.

For the purity of the sample discard judgment icy evening in which komunalschiki decided to turn off heating. Your apartment has comfortable climatic conditions – temperature and humidity are at an acceptable level, windows and doors are closed, drafts are eliminated, flies are not buzzing. In a word – grace! Nevertheless, the mistress fights off your attempts to pull off her T-shirt. Well, sex in socks is also a classic of the genre, but the abundance of staff is an attempt to isolate herself from unpleasant touches to her.

5. She squeals

I came across an amusing little article in the vastness of the network. In it, ladies are taught to imitate plausibly. I don’t know why write the script in two acts, if you can watch the first porn you come across. Now I will dispel the delusion of the lion’s share of readers; in adult films, actresses even play squirt (that is, they urinate in the frame instead of excreting natural fluid from the parauretal glands). In real life, girls do not scream like accursed ones. They can moan, gasp and groan, but switch to ultrasound – definitely not! During orgasm, the Devil does not enter the partner. She does not begin to chatter in Latin and twist her hands in her joints. If this happens, then I recommend calling an exorcist or a team in white coats.  

6. It artificially speeds up the process

There are two explanations for the lightning-fast erotic race – either the mistress is on the verge of orgasm, or she is trying to squeeze the juices out of you as soon as possible. The signs of the best choice are literally written all over her face. Her cheeks will flush, her eyelids will automatically close, her mouth will open slightly. She will not give a damn about your remarks and wishes. She will try to keep the rhythm perfect. If you risk breaking the harmony, then a harsh paternal bream and an insult of a universal scale await you.

You need to be the owner of 47 chromosomes so as not to feel the catch when the lady monotonously fills your penis, curls her face and looks at the clock. The partner secretly hopes to pass the shooting “excellently” and get a leave of absence.

7. She grabs her phone right after

A woman before orgasm is fundamentally different from a woman after the onset of the peak phase. As a result of sexual discharge, a lethal cocktail of hormones is released into the bloodstream. Under the influence of pranks of the endocrine system, behavior changes. For a long time there have been jokes about angry, half-fucked women, and about the morals of satisfied females, the jokes are silent.

In the latter, a gentle kitty wakes up, who wants to rub against her lover and purr in his ear of all sorts of pleasantries. If a girl jumped out of bed, barely had time to finish, sat down at a laptop or began flipping through the Instagram feed , rest assured – she did not finish.

8. She masturbates

It is difficult to calculate, but it is possible. How do you know if your girlfriend is masturbating? She spends over an hour in the shower. In this case, half of the specified time, water flows with a stable sound. When she leaves the bathroom, the genital area is noticeably redder than the adjacent areas of the body.

If you cannot control the bath procedures of the chosen one, then during the next sexual intercourse, pay attention to the sensitivity of her clitoris. For non-masturbating ladies, he responds to the slightest touch. The more effort you need to make to swell the pea, the more chances that the girl will be self-satisfied in your absence.

9. She hints at experimentation

Girls brought up in the Soviet tradition are embarrassed to declare their secret desires directly. Despair and unfulfilled needs make them resort to cunning. It’s sad when guys don’t hear yells for help. I urge you to take a break from the computer and your other “masculine” hobbies at least once. Listen to what your birdie is chirping about.

The other half often jokes about gays and priests – requires anal coitus, demonstratively condemns prostitute friends – dreams of cheating and sex for one night. She tells a fascinating fairy tale about how she “accidentally” saw a vibrator in the direct, – she openly invites to visit a sex shop. 

10. She goes to bed earlier (later) you

For dessert, I’ve left behind what is perhaps the most obvious sign of your sexual inadequacy. The desire to fall asleep at a time different from your rhythm is not that an alarm bell, but already a sickly alarm. Pretending to be dead is an effective way to avoid intimacy.

For some reason, it seems to me that my one- piece girls will hate me with fierce hatred for revealing their dark secrets. Forgive me ladies, I acted for your benefit. Now men know the hallmarks of imitation and can try to change dull sex for the better. Am I right guys?

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