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10 mistakes men make during sex

The only real mistake is not to correct your past mistakes.

Recently I came across a very interesting discussion on one of the men’s forums. The guys shared their favorite sexual techniques and techniques. Not without frankly boastful phrases from the cycle “and mine finished 100 times”, “I guarantee the girl will squeal with pleasure.” But when I read it, a doubt crept in, but from “pleasure” was the passion of the member of the forum screeching?

Some comrades contrived to advise with force to pull the labia when cunnilingus , others recommended “rather to fuck in a big way”, some individuals even suggested to spray on the genitals from a pepper spray. In a word, a lot of nonsense sounded.

If we put aside the frankly idiotic statements, then there are a dozen of typical sexual delusions. I’ll have to take the floor on behalf of all the girls on the planet and impartially consider the most common mistakes men make in bed.

1. Ignoring foreplay

This will probably be the millionth sex article calling for foreplay. For some reason, guys do not want to believe sexologists who prove the importance of foreplay for mutual pleasure. “Fucking in a big way” is permissible only in a fit of unbridled passion and then in exceptional cases. It is stupid to constantly practice quick copulation, because the partner’s chances of reaching orgasm are diminishing right before our eyes.

Advice. Set aside at least half an hour of your time for massage and leisurely stimulation of erogenous zones. A Game of Thrones quote from Tormund the Giant Death came to my mind : 


“Usually men fuck like dogs:“ Af-af-af ”- no beauty, no skill, a couple of dozen jerks and that’s it. You need to be patient, give her time, and not stick a dick in her until she becomes wet like a seal. And then enter it. Only slowly, do not push too hard – you are not stabbing a pig! “

2. Fear of novelty

Fear of the unknown continues the list of male sex mistakes. And this is not about the first sex with another partner. There are times when the beloved wife decides to diversify the boring marital duties and offers to try new techniques or toys, and the husband gets into a pose. I was surprised to learn that most of my friends are in favor of experimentation, and their partners are strongly opposed to change. Basically, fears boil down to doubts about their own sexual solvency, suspicions of infidelity (“where she picked up this”) and other far-fetched nonsense. Advice. Men, go to meet your girlfriends. After all, they are trying precisely for your satisfaction. If your beloved got down on her knees and began to make somersaults on your penis with her tongue, you shouldn’t shout: “Who did you learn this with ?!”. With a 99.99% probability, the girl read the tips in a women’s magazine, and then worked out on bananas. Relax and enjoy the process. 


3. Overconfidence

Overestimated PSV is also included in the rating with the title “10 mistakes in bed.” Especially pseudo – intellectuals and self-proclaimed experts sin with self – confidence . Thanks to the internet, information is more accessible than ever before. You can find a lot of conflicting advice. Keep in mind that no self-respecting sexologist will take an oath that this particular technique will appeal to your girlfriend.

More than once I have met lovers who read a lot of recommendations on forums like the one mentioned above. One comrade dared to prove that I must be delighted with intercourse in the river, because someone Pupkin wrote about this. My arguments regarding the non-sterility of domestic reservoirs were ignored.

Advice. Coordinate your actions with your significant other. First, ask if the lady of the heart will not be against innovations. Talk about sex more often, find out her preferences. Let me tell you a little secret – depending on the phase of the cycle, a woman can put forward completely opposite demands. It is advisable before each act to be interested in how she wants to make love this particular time. 

4. Overkill with porn

There is so much to see in adult videos. There are products designed to meet the needs of the general public, as well as those designed for gourmets of the 18+ genre. I will not tell a mystical secret, saying that the lion’s share of erotic scenes is pure staging.

Men behave like little children, taking for granted what is happening in porn. They require the partner to scream loudly, roll her eyes, and gush. Negligent lovers painfully grab the girls by the hair, squeeze their necks, loudly slap on the buttocks.

A separate category is obscene language during intercourse. Instead of focusing on pleasant sensations, the lady is obliged to feverishly remember abusive words to delight the fantasy of her sweetheart.

Advice. A man and a woman in bed should please each other. There are no clear requirements for intercourse, approved at the legislative level. Partners are not required to comply with any canons. If you like all of the above, then feel free to introduce elements of porn into erotic games. But do not forcibly impose sexual stereotypes, forcing your mistress to turn into an actress and play you a full-fledged performance.  

5. Acrobatics

In an attempt to win the Lover of the Year title, men study the Kama Sutra from cover to cover, adopting the most intricate poses. This is their mistake. How on earth can a girl focus on achieving orgasm if her body is tied in a tight knot?

Guys also overestimate the physical capabilities of their partner. Few ladies are able to throw their legs over their heads while in the lotus position. We feel uncomfortable citing insufficient stretching and denying a guy to experiment.

Advice. Believe me, the fact that you visited the gym for a whole month did not escape the attention of your beloved. There is no need to show her freshly developed athletic ability at every opportunity . Acrobatic sketches are good only at the lowest dosage. Don’t think of sex as a circus show. 

6. Trying to hold out for 3 hours

For centuries, men in all countries have continued to make the same mistakes in sex. The race for duration is gaining momentum every day. The guys are tearing their veins trying to hold out for 3 or even 4 hours. But why rub the blisters on the genitals?

The average woman who does not carry the heavy burden of nymphomania is unlikely to enjoy the daily sexual marathon. From a frantic race, she will get tired after 20-30 minutes. The rest of the time, the unfortunate mistress will reflect on the meaning of being and hope for an early ending.

Advice. According to the generally accepted rules of the Russian language, the words “longer” and “better” are not synonymous. The duration of the frictions does not affect the quality of intercourse. Do you want to bring the girl to ecstasy? Spend 30 minutes on good foreplay, and 5-10 minutes on reciprocating movements. 

7. Juggling Techniques

You are undoubtedly an experienced guy and you know an impressive number of erotic tricks. The most common mistake men make in bed is considered to be a visual demonstration of skill during one intercourse. Every 2 minutes, representatives of the strong half of the civilization change their tactics and strategy.

Ask yourself how you would feel if a girl with truly sadistic cruelty methodically pushed you to the brink, but never let you finish. The endless expectation of a close ejaculation is a worthy torture in personal hell for loving sinners.

Advice. Limit yourself to a maximum of three techniques. Use the first one to warm up. The second, with increased intensity, use for the main stimulation. Save the third, hottest one for dessert to squeeze the last juices out of your partner. 

8. “Picking” the clitoris

Thank God, all the guys of the XXI century at least heard about the existence of the clitoris! However, with the expansion of knowledge in female anatomy, a side problem has surfaced. Now lovers have completely forgotten about other erogenous zones. They diligently rub the peas, giving only a second for each nipple. Guys, who will kiss your lips, who will bite your neck, who will stroke your hips and play with your tongue with your earlobe?

Another unpleasant moment is the frenzy with which the clitoris is stimulated. This organ is incredibly delicate and sensitive. Sloppy partners crumple it like yeast dough, pick it with their fingers, rub it with their palms. Horror!

Advice. Pay attention to every inch of your beloved woman’s body. Excite her with fleeting touches. There is nothing better than feeling the manipulation of a skillful and sensitive partner on your skin. 

9. “Have you finished yet?”

This question is unsettling. Firstly, it is not difficult to understand that the girl has finished – this can be seen with the naked eye in her contented face. Secondly, if the orgasm did not take place, then this phrase sounds like a direct accusation of frigidity. An honest partner will begin to make excuses why she did not have a Big O, and the dishonest one will simply lie.

Advice. To avoid such a ridiculous mistake in sex, it is enough to never ask your mistress stupid questions. 

10. Orgasm = the end

At this point it gets really offensive. Unfortunately, most men stop fondling immediately after orgasm. Some quickly jump out of bed, run for napkins in order to wipe up sperm and secretions. Some stupidly turn away to the wall or, without dressing, move into a chair closer to the laptop. Sexual release is not the only goal achieved through intercourse. The post – coital period plays a significant role for women . Girls want to prolong the positive feelings, do not deprive them of such a small whim. Advice. Inspire your beloved that she is more for you than a tool for satisfying lust. Linger in her arms for about 15 minutes. You will not lose anything, and she will certainly thank you later. 

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