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Love without complexes: how to learn to have sex in the light

Men often turn to our editorial office with a request to help their soul mates overcome their complexes in bed. We cannot stand aside from the problems of readers, so today I propose to talk about sex with the lights on.

Of course, first of all, the article is addressed to girls, but guys will also learn a lot of useful things for themselves. Especially in the section devoted to the arguments for a brilliant coitus in the rays of hundreds of spotlights.

I was shocked when I found out that 73% of lovely ladies prefer to make love in pitch darkness. Almost three quarters of sexually active women consider themselves too fat or too thin, unhappy with the condition of their skin, complain of sagging breasts and flabby buttocks. Everyone, without exception, trembles from the word “cellulite”.

In some situations, sex with the lights off can be mysterious and hot. However, this statement is true only in cases where the partners are relaxed people and do not experience discomfort during standard intercourse.

Here is what New York sex therapist, Ph.D. Ian Kerner says: “It is mistakenly believed that only men experience satisfaction from the visual perception of a sexual object. If a woman does not see her partner, then she also loses a lot in sensory stimulation. It becomes more difficult for her to achieve orgasm.” …

Dana Weiser , Ph.D. and Associate Professor in the Department of Family Relations Development at Texas Tech University, agrees with Kerner :

By making love in the light, you create the foundation for building trust in a couple, you get to know each other better. It’s incredibly sexy to watch your partner react to your caresses.

If the guidance of such qualified experts is not enough for you, I will give you 10 reasons for illuminated coitus.

Why you should have sex in the light

1. You do not depend on the time of day

Aren’t you tired of waiting for the twilight to indulge in voluptuous pleasures? Why curtain the windows, lower the blinds and plug the cracks with towels? Are you tired of conspiracy like the best secret agents of the CIA? It seems to me, if you had the opportunity, after each sexual intercourse you would erase your spouse’s memory with the apparatus from Men in Black. In the light, you can have sex at any moment of the day or night, and not only on the starless new moon, in which you can not see the light.

2. You will insure your anus

And do not say that you have never had a situation where a partner “completely accidentally” confused the hole. It just so happened, men are curious people and they are not averse to launching their tentacle into your innermost cave. Anal sex is on the list of the most popular sexual fantasies. I’m unlikely to be mistaken in concluding that if you are embarrassed to make love in the light, you will absolutely not accept rough stimulation. In a brightly lit room, a man cannot find an excuse for such an obvious mistake.  


3. You will show free porn

In the third point, we’ll talk about adult videos. Many girls feel uncomfortable when their chosen ones watch pornography. They associate an erection with cheating and stir up a scandal from scratch. Sex without complexes will allow you to demonstrate to your lover that you are no worse, or even better, violent cheeky actresses. 

4. You will see his orgasm

The list of things to look at is endlessly growing every day. I would include a guy’s face in it during an orgasm. There is nothing more exciting, funny and frightening at the same time. Believe me, the guy is also pleased to watch you cum.

5. You will get amazing foreplay

A rare maiden bird is able to jump into a bed from the start, bypassing the stage of foreplay. Ordinary mortals need quality foreplay, otherwise pain, friction and injury will be provided. Naturally, the orgasm turns into a melting mirage. It will be much easier for your partner to warm up your body when he sees the erogenous zones. He will find the clitoris on the first try, immediately grab the nipples and kiss every piece of skin.

6. You will excite your partner more

At the beginning of the article, Ian Kerner and I mentioned the importance of the visual component of intercourse. It makes no sense to continue expanding on this topic. I will say one more thing, an overexcited man is able to cum from a couple of frictions . Push him to the limit, and he will certainly thank you.

7. You will showcase your body

Yes, it is not ideal and far from the world standards of beauty, but it is alive and real. Does your man look at magazine beauties? Think about his chances of sleeping with Taylor Swift or Kim Kardashian ? And you are next to me, so soft, warm and loving. A real body will surpass gloss and discourage any desire to dream of the unrealizable. For this it is worth overcoming your complexes in bed.

8. You will avoid injury

Statistics show that 60% of sexual trauma occurs in zero visibility conditions. Performing the pose of a rider, the girl does not control the process of insertion and removal of the penis, as a result, the risk of tears and fractures of the penis increases. During foreplay, couples put their fingers in each other’s eyes and so on and so forth.

9. You will reach orgasm faster.

Full foreplay plus the lover’s adoring gaze, plus eye contact will surely speed up the moment of reaching orgasm. Throw away extraneous thoughts, and you no longer want to have sex with the lights off.

10. You will become more open

A lighted lamp will be the first step on the path to total emancipation. Rejection of new erotic techniques and panic about sex toys are often associated with a negative attitude towards one’s own body. Step over the problem. So you will discover a new world of erotic pleasures.

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