Black hole explorers: everything a newbie needs to know about anal sex

It just so happens that a person quickly gets used to everything good, a feeling of euphoria is replaced by happiness, happiness, in turn, is transformed into contentment, smoothly turning into boredom. Remember your first kisses with your boyfriend – how many positive emotions they brought, and there is no need to talk about the hot months of the beginning of life together. Over the years of marriage, even the most consummate lovers exhaust their arsenal of techniques. It is then that in order to maintain a relationship afloat, it is necessary to look for non-standard solutions. Anal sex is an outlandish concept in our culture. Very few women risk giving a man a back door pass. I propose to send public opinion to hell, overcome fears and learn to experience the pleasure of eating the forbidden fruit. 


Why not!

We have been told since childhood: “Now you will be 18 years old, you will do what you want!” And when, finally, we overcome the threshold of adulthood, blinkered views and dependence on the judgments of outsiders become our inseparable companions. According to our passports, we are adults, but in our hearts we are small children, afraid “what if the mother scolds”. Let’s radically change the current state of affairs. Start doing what your darling demands and your body craves. I do not hide the fact that I advocate hedonism in all its manifestations. Any methods of receiving pleasure have a right to exist, as long as they do not bring obvious harm to others and do not encroach on the life and health of individuals. Each person must choose his own path and this is the only thing that he has to. Therefore, cast aside doubts and as soon as possible realize your secret fantasies and innermost desires. 


How to prepare for anal sex

Dear, I do not consider it necessary to conduct psychological training for you and paint meditative practices in colors to calm your naughty nerves. You are not ready for back docking, do not torture your body. Keep waiting for the stars to converge and the horoscope prophesies good luck. Further, I will give without embellishment the physical aspects of rough intercourse, and let the overly emotional personalities go aside for a smoke.

1. Elementary hygiene

A dirty and sweaty body has never been considered attractive. Be sure to shower before sex! Both partners must memorize and adhere to this rule unquestioningly. Brazilian hair removal will guarantee that at a crucial moment a naughty hair will not cut into the tender flesh of lovers and will not interfere with feeling the whole gamut of bliss.

2. Enema

Cleansing manipulations with the rectum are not an indispensable stage prior to anal intimacy. You can abstain from eating for 4-5 hours before the appointed time, and visit the bathroom for 2 hours, aiming to empty yourself. I would recommend an enema to those couples who are not sure about their body. The optimal volume of injected fluid is 1-1.5 liters a couple of hours before sex.

Experts in this matter advise using a filtered chamomile decoction (it heals microcracks ). By the way, special solutions are sold in stores for adults. Keep in mind that frequent enemas are unhealthy.

3. We buy grease

The main difference between lubricants is their viscosity. Vaginal lubricants are not required to wrap around the walls of the inlet. Anal products should be thick, evaporate slowly and provide a high glide ratio.

There are the following types of specific products:
water-based lubricant – simple and inexpensive lubricants, can be used together with sex toys made of any materials; 

  • silicone-based lubricant – provide excellent sliding with minimal consumption of funds, practically do not absorb; 
  •  flavored lubricants – you will only smell a pleasant smell; 
  • lubricating sprays with lidocaine pain relievers – due to the content of the local anesthetic, they reduce pain; 
  •  disinfecting lubricants – contain a small amount of an antiseptic that kills pathogens;
  • lubricants with a softening and relaxing effect – facilitate the process of stretching the muscles, make the anus more receptive to stimulation.  

Pack up with lubricants, sparing no money. Their quality directly depends on whether you enjoy the experiments. Only stupid lovers save on intimate cosmetics.

7 tips for newbies

1.No prelude anywhere

Your partner / partner needs to be prepared. Take your time to board the anus. Start with light touches, cover your butt with kisses, show courage and use your tongue. Anilingus is fucking horny, its power is underestimated!

Lubricate your hands with special massage oils, it is advisable to buy them along with a lubricant in a sex shop. I explain why manufacturers add a variety of aphrodisiacs to special products that increase libido and stimulate nerve endings. They are not only guaranteed to relax muscles, but they are also damn exciting. 


2. More lubrication

To overdo it with lubrication in the delicate matter of anal pleasures is unrealistic. Feel free to put the tube to the hole and pour the lubricant directly into the ass. There will definitely not be harm from such actions, and the benefits are difficult to describe in words. Add grease as needed . Use silicone-based anal lubricants, then the smooth sliding will remain throughout the entire act, you will not worry that the lover will dry out and experience pain.  

3. Get into a pose

There is no position perfect for all couples. Some prefer the classic dog-style, others prefer the missionary style, and still others prefer the rider. For the first time, you should not be smart and tie a passive partner in a Gordian knot. He should relax as much as possible, so choose a convenient and comfortable variation that opens up unhindered access to a dark place.

4. Fingering

The ass is very similar to a back pressure valve, the engineers understood what I mean, and I will explain to people who are far from technology. In one direction it enters without difficulty, but in the other – pipes! Objects of impressive dimensions can leave the body, and penetration causes strange sensations, so you need to use your fingers – the little finger, index, middle, large, alternately. Increase the diameter only when the partner is used to it and “stretched out”. Run two fingers last. And for God’s sake do not be like an octopus, run your fingers gently and pre-trim your nails, there is nothing to scratch the delicate walls of the anus. Don’t forget to lubricate

when fingering . Often lovers worry about the safety of pastel linen, they say, the lubricant will flow and leave greasy stains on expensive silk. Modern anal lubricants are devoid of the disadvantages of their predecessors, they do not damage the tissues and are perfectly washable.  

5. Haste is needed only when catching fleas

Don’t be in a hurry. Have you already developed the ring with your fingers and are ready to penetrate to the base of the penis? – No no and one more time no. Insert the head, let your partner get used to new sensations, feel the gentle pressure of the unit and its pulsation. For the first time, slight pain and burning are permissible, the main thing is not to overdo it, to move millimeter by millimeter. When the penis is in full swing, freeze for a few seconds and also slowly roll back. Repeat the slowmo technique for 10 minutes, and only then accelerate. Control the rhythm and tremors, take an interest in the feelings of your mistress, whisper pleasant and touching words.

6. Orgasm

As a rule, the girl finishes first during anal sex, especially if you add clitoral stimulation and stroking the breasts. The guy will 100% feel the fact of the onset of the partner’s climax. The anus will squeeze the penis very hard, giving the impression of being pulled into a black hole. After orgasm, the sensitivity of the anus increases, so give the lady a moment to rest and return to slow tactics.

7. Divide and Conquer

I strongly advise against alternating the introduction of the penis anal and vaginal opening. Bacteria from the rectum will enter the vagina and disrupt its microflora, provoking inflammatory processes. If you want to continue making love in the traditional way, wash your penis well.

Anal toys

You can also play with the booty. The main characteristics of special devices are their relatively small size, the presence of extraction loops and restraints, which eliminate the likelihood of losing an object inside the body. Toys are used for various purposes:

  • as an instrument in foreplay;
  • to expand the anus;
  • to enhance pleasure;
  • to prolong sexual intercourse;
  • to change roles.

In anal play, you can use your usual vaginal devices or stimulate the clitoris with an ordinary vibrator along the way. However, stuffing objects not intended for these purposes into the ass is dangerous to health. Doctors will discuss a patient with a deodorant stuck in the anus for a long time. In order not to get into an awkward situation and play enough, purchase one or more of the products below.  

1. Anal plugs

This is a real hit in adult stores. Manufacturers produce cone-shaped products from silicone, glass, steel. The presence of a limiter is an indispensable condition for a quality product. Sometimes the toy is decorated with rhinestones or even fluffy tails. Some models have a vibration function or the ability to vary the size by inflating with air. Butt plugs can be used for standard erotic games, so you achieve the effect of double penetration. A similar move will appeal to both man and woman. When a toy is inserted into the anus, the muscles of the vagina automatically narrow and cover the penis more tightly, which has a positive effect on the feelings of lovers. 


2. Anal beads and anal herringbones

Balls of the same or different diameters are strung on a strong thread. I don’t know where this tradition originated, but in most cases there are pieces with ten beads. The number of beads ranges from 3 to 25 pieces (at least these are the most impressive beads that I have found in online stores). There is an extraction ring at the end of the toy.

Christmas trees have combined the advantages of butt plugs and beads. Several links of different diameters are rigidly connected on one axis. There are magic devices with vibration or rotation. With this toy, you can arrange yourself a New Year’s mood even every day! The independent use of beads and Christmas trees is practiced as a prelude to anal intercourse. I also recommend trying to insert the toy during vaginal contact. This will provide additional stimulation and speed up the moment you reach orgasm. 



3. Anal vibrators

They are very similar to their traditional counterparts, except that the dimensions are more modest. This avoids painful sensations upon insertion. The production uses materials such as: gel, silicone, glass, PVC, rubber. Anal vibrators will open the way for you to the world of amazing erotic pleasures.  

4. Prostate stimulants

Due to the curved shape, a full-scale study of the prostate gland is ensured. Numerous studies have shown that regular prostate massage reduces the risk of prostatitis, increases potency and eliminates congestion in the pelvic organs, which are characteristic of people leading a sedentary lifestyle. Buying a prostate stimulator, you kill several birds with one stone – enjoy and heal . 

5. Anal dildos

In fact, anal devices are no different from ordinary ones except for their size. Most often, couples prefer small, neat toys to stimulate the anus.

In the USA, and now in our country, glass dildos are extremely popular . They are renowned for their pleasant texture and durability. The introduction is carried out with minimal effort. The toy quickly takes on body temperature and is easy to clean with all kinds of detergents. All of the above benefits make glass dildos a favorite for anal experimentation. 

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