10 Things You Should Know About Sex By Age 40

Helpful Sex Tips: From kissing to dirty talk about whether size really matters …

Is your sex life in need of a makeover? This is your chance to refresh your relationship. From myths about sex and sexual etiquette to advice on how to diversify your intimate life. We are revealing the truth that every woman should know about sex.

1. He doesn’t care if you shave your legs

Of course, among men you can find many aesthetes who are sickened by the idea of ​​unshaven women. However, polls show that many guys don’t give a damn if a girl’s legs are shaved. First of all, this applies to men who are aimed at a serious relationship and do not indulge themselves with the illusion that a woman should be absolutely perfect, as if she has stepped off the cover of a glossy magazine.

As a rule, men (as well as lovely ladies) set the requirements for a woman’s appearance, as a rule, only at the beginning of the bouquet-candy period. So, if you are going on a first date, then it is better to do hair removal. And if you have been together for a long time, then ask the man’s opinion on this matter. Perhaps you are completely in vain endlessly running around salons for painful hair removal procedures.

2. Width always beats length

If you pay attention to penis size at all (studies show women are more interested in penis shape than penis size), then you know that width matters more than length.

A huge and long penis can bring significant discomfort in sex. Length does not really affect the chances of bringing a woman to orgasm. As they say, it is not the size of the penis that is important, but the ability to use it.

3. All girls do it

Masturbation, that’s what it’s called. In 2010, the American Association of Retired Persons conducted a survey that found that nearly half of women aged 45 to 49 admitted to having satisfied themselves with their hands in the past 6 months. In 2012, a study (conducted by Indiana University) found that more than half of respondents had used a vibrator at least once, and nearly one in four women said they had used a vibrator in the past month.

The notion that masturbation is a base and vulgar occupation has long become outdated. Self-gratification not only helps to get relief during periods when there is no partner, but also allows us to better explore our own body.

4. He loves to hug, even very

The fact is that during lovemaking, both men and women produce the chemical oxytocin – the so-called “hug hormone.” He also helps young mothers to lull their newborns. How does it affect men? Oxytocin stimulates their desire for intimacy and builds trust in their partner.

This data was confirmed by a survey conducted by the University of Zurich. In this case, what suits a woman will suit a man as well.

5. You can determine the size by hand

The longer a man’s ring finger, the longer his penis, according to the University of Liverpool. If his ring finger is the same or smaller than his index finger, the guy has very low testosterone levels. And if on the contrary … pay attention to such a man if you are looking for an owner of an impressive size!

There are many opinions on the effect of body proportions on penis size. And although many folk signs have nothing to do with reality, in fact it turns out that the proportional ratios of body parts can also affect the size of the intimate zone.

6. It’s worth experimenting

Variety is the beauty of life … and sex. Whether you are doing it in a hammock or on an airplane; on the kitchen floor or under the shower; dressed in leather or lace – if it’s something new, it’s always good!

Do not think that by the age of 40 you have already tried everything and everything and you know exactly what you want. New sensations are extremely important for the human brain.

7. Porn excites everyone

The fact that a woman often takes more time to get aroused is a well-known fact. The visual effect often enhances the result.

In Montreal, a study was conducted that showed that women who watched porn turned on almost as quickly as men. Extremely strong arousal in men came after 664.6 seconds (11 minutes), in women – after 743 seconds (12 minutes).

8. Absolute relaxation

You relax during orgasm because your brain is almost completely shut down. Brain scans in the Netherlands have shown that during orgasm, women turn off emotional sensitivities – including feelings of fear, anxiety and anxiety.

When you experience a sweet orgasm, you just stop worrying about your kids’ progress, shopping, or paying taxes. Therefore, high-quality sex can save the psyche from depression caused by prolonged stress.

9. Pretending is useless

But showing him what you like is great. It is extremely important to be as delicate as possible, because men are hurt by the very thought that they are not gods of sex in bed. It is necessary to gently discuss positions and caresses, showing the man exactly what he likes.

But faking an orgasm is not worth it. If a man understands the deception, he will be offended for a long time!

10. Better to stay in your socks

If your sex life has ceased to be hot, then sometimes it can happen because you are cold. Dutch researchers have shown that couples with cold feet are more difficult to achieve orgasm – only 50% of those surveyed. While among partners who prefer not to take off their socks during sex, this figure rises to 80%.

Many people are embarrassed to wear socks during sex, but they can be replaced with sexy stockings or cute long knee-highs. Both options will surely please a man who will admire his girlfriend’s legs.

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