Learning the art of real erotic massage: all the tricks of foreplay

It is sometimes helpful to take control of the situation. Men love it. But the best thing is not just to turn it on, but also to surprise. Remember that the best wife for a man is a girl in their arms, a hostess in the kitchen, a lady in society, and a whore in bed. So do not be afraid to come off in the most intimate moment alone with him. This does not mean that you have to be someone else, just experiment a little.

Try something new

What would he like?

When a man says that he needs a whore in bed, this does not mean that he literally wants her. It just means that he needs someone who does not look at sex as something dirty and obscene, which is something to be ashamed of. He does not need a mannered young lady who thinks herself above all this. He needs you to give yourself free rein and try something new, even if you are not entirely comfortable and it wakes up the beast in you. He does not want you to worry all the time about how you look and feel some complexes about your actions. Just go for it! Enjoy the moment and let yourself get lost in the realm of pleasure. After all, this is what sex exists for!

So every time you read some advice and can’t imagine you doing this, don’t think so much, just do it! Shame and embarrassment are inappropriate here. And if you tell your darling that you have read something interesting that sounds absolutely crazy, but it would be nice to try it, it will be more than “FOR”!

Secrets of erotic massage

So let’s put him on full alert! One of the best ideas is to give him a massage. It is very erotic and very relaxing at the same time.


First, create the appropriate atmosphere. Unplug TVs, phones and anything else that might disturb you. Draw the curtains, light candles and incense.

Choose a comfortable place for him to lie down, where it will be convenient for him to massage. Not necessarily on the bed. It is quite possible to sit on the floor.

Massage area

Take a good massage oil. It should be very liquid, not sticky and sticky, which spoils the sensation. It can also stain the sheets.

It would still not be a bad idea to acquire feathers that can be used to caress his body. This diversifies his feelings.


Main part

As soon as he undresses and lies on the prepared place, do not touch him. Start the massage by gently stroking his body using feathers. Start at the head and work your way up to the feet. He might be a little ticklish. It’s okay if it makes him laugh, this is the first step to relaxation.

Continue this for a few minutes, and no matter what he says or asks to do, do not answer him. Your silence will make you more mysterious and provoke in him the anticipation of something more. Besides, it will show him in whose hands the power is. You are in charge today!

Spread oil all over your body and then pour it directly onto his back. Lei from the neck to the tailbone and very slowly. Kneel over him, still not touching, and slide your chest up and down your back.

Smear it with oil

Breathe deeply every time you approach his ear, so that he not only hears it, but also feels your breath on his neck.

Then lie down on him with your whole body so that he feels your naked body sliding over him. Don’t let him roll over (and he will definitely want it!). It’s not time yet, because after you have massaged him with your breasts, you will continue to massage with your buttocks …

Lie on top of him

Turn around and sit gently on his back so that he doesn’t get hurt. You can stick your hand to the floor or bed, but not to it. He should only feel the pressure of your butt, which moves up and down his back.

After a few minutes of this massage, sit on his back and start massaging his buttocks, and then move on to his feet. And while you are doing this, your chest should be touching his buttocks.


Now you can ask him to roll over. By this time, he has already lost control, but do not let him grab you in his arms! Warn him about this with a naughty sexy look while you sit between his legs. Still looking straight at him, start massaging his genitals with your breasts.

Everything! He is ready and there is no more urine to wait … so then it’s only up to you and your imagination!

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