7 tips to tell him you’re ready for sex

Imagine a situation when you are on the next date with the man of your dreams in a posh restaurant, after the next cocktail you realize that you are ready. He escorts you home, where everything can finally happen, but he suddenly says: “Well, okay, I have to go home” …

You can suspect him of excessive shyness and unwillingness to force events so as not to frighten you off, since you are very dear to him. But how can you hint that you have been ready for the next step for a long time? Several problems arise here: firstly, you need not to give out your obscene manners, and secondly, not to say or do anything that will prevent you from seeing him again in your life.

How to initiate sex with dignity?

So what is the right way to initiate sex so as not to humiliate yourself and not receive a rude rejection? Here are some powerful tips.

1. Free up time

In order to painlessly and with dignity to take the first step in your sex life together, you will need time. Good time! Yes, yes, everyone knows that he is constantly lacking: from 9 to 6 work, after work a gym, every day circles, sections and seminars, and you also need to sleep well … But remember that nothing is so embarrassing and does not drive you into paint like quick sex. And if your prince hears from you something like “Hey, I have 20 free minutes here before I go to bed (run to work, your favorite TV series will start…). You don’t want to… you know… do this? ”, The only thing he can answer is“ Yes, no, thanks. Somehow I myself, with my own hands … “.

2. Legs spread wide …

Sometimes decisive action and obvious hints are needed. After waiting for the indifferent expression on the face of your boyfriend, boyfriend, groom or husband (just do not practice this if he is completely absorbed in the blue TV screen), get down to business! Moving gracefully, but decisively (remember that you are not a stripper, but just you), spread your legs wide and say: “I want sex. How do you look at it? ” and watch the reaction.

3. Public display of desire

You can use male tricks. I bet that your boyfriend or husband often does this: leaves the bathroom without pants, sits right in front of you, completely so … horny … and if you just somehow missed this fact of his excitement, just poke your finger at him and says: “I’m just hinting …”, well, or something like that. Funny? Yes! Ridiculous? Definitely! But in its own way it is charming and damn effective!

4. Good sex scene

It doesn’t have to be porn. If you like it – please! But for some, it doesn’t work. It’s not that these people are too sanctimonious, it’s just that someone thinks pornography is too defiantly exploitative, unable to excite properly. A decent, well-filmed sex scene in an erotic movie can be quite rewarding. You can try to revisit “Mulholland Drive”, “Unfaithful” or “Kama Sutra: a love story” also containing wonderful scenes, sit comfortably together on the couch and plunge into a fantasy world that will lead straight to where you need to (it is only advisable to arrange a viewing without popcorn and beer).

5. New underwear

Go get yourself a new set of underwear. It can be anything, as long as it looks divine on you. Refined ruffles and bows, a seductive corset with suspenders, knitted shorts – all the same. And then catch the moment when you can carelessly walk around the apartment in it. But don’t push! No need to shout “I put on new panties, let’s go have sex.” It is better to go to the kitchen carefree in new underwear with the words “Darling, you haven’t seen these here, how are they… What? Oh yes, these are new … “. By doing this, you will hint to him what you want, without undue awkwardness.

6. Draw the line

This technique is often overlooked. The secret is to acknowledge your feelings instead of being insecure. As soon as a strong desire pushes you to action, clearly and clearly express this impulse. Write a message if you are not together right now. Say everything to your eyes, if he is right now. Just say, “I really want to have sex with you! What do you say?”. This is clearly much more seductive than any wiggling in front of the TV, friction of the genitals and questions like: “Do you accidentally want to have sex? Otherwise I would not mind … if you are for … “.

7. Practice

Initiating sex is difficult the first time or out of habit. The longer you and your partner have not had sex, the more strange it is to ask him about it, the more difficult the whole idea becomes. To initiate sex with dignity, you have to do it consistently!

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