Why sperm is good for women’s health: 6 properties

We have good news for men! There is another reason to persuade a woman to have oral sex with an end to her mouth – you can tell your partner that sperm is very useful for her health and beauty. The seminal fluid of men is beneficial for weight loss, fights aging, cancer and promotes a good mood. From this article, you will learn that this is not empty chatter, but scientifically proven facts!

Sperm is one of the important elements in family planning. Like a woman’s egg, the sperm must be healthy in order to penetrate the egg and fertilize it. Most often, sperm is used for conceiving children and procreation, but in our century more and more talk about its amazing benefits for the daily life of women.

1. Benefits for facial skin

Semen contains crystalline polyamine or spermine. This substance is widely known as an antioxidant. Scientists believe that semen benefits the skin of the face. It can reduce wrinkles, smoothen skin, and even help fight acne! The Norwegian company Bioforskning synthesized active compounds in semen and created a face cream. According to leading employees of the company, a cream called “Spermine” is dozens of times more effective than vitamin E, and if you use sperm as a face cream, then such a cream will delay aging by 20%. FYI, a face cream made from natural ingredients can cost you around $ 250.

2. Sperm against depression

Studies have shown that women who have vaginal or oral contact with their man’s sperm are 87% happier than other women. This is not the invention of men to make women do what they want in bed. In the United States, a study was conducted that proved that the semen of men is rich in melatonin, prolactin and serotonin, and these substances are antioxidants and have a beneficial effect on the state of mind of women, their psyche and feelings of attachment.

3. They don’t get fat from semen

The semen has a high protein content, and there are such useful minerals and vitamins as, for example, magnesium, potassium, sodium, vitamin B12 and C. The calorie content of average ejaculation, in which up to 6 milliliters of semen is released, is only 15-30 kcal. Professor Ingrid Fleischer from Hamburg (Germany) assures that a woman who often gives blowjobs and swallows her partner’s sperm will be able to lose weight much faster than others, because the semen contains alkaline substances that help burn fat.

4. Sperm will help fight aging

Austrian scientists Tobias Eisenberg and Frank Madeo say the molecules in sperm (spermidine) will help slow down the aging process. And research from the Federal University of Saint Mary in Brazil has proven that spermicide use improves memory. Scientists consider the results of the study so promising that they even admit that male sperm could become an ingredient in an anti-Alzheimer’s drug in the future. Of course, while this is all in theory, and it’s not a very near future, but what the hell is not kidding?

5. Health benefits for women

Sperm also affects morning sickness in women during pregnancy. This is the opinion that Dr. Gordon Gallup came to after the study. Morning sickness has a direct relationship with the frequency of fertilization during pregnancy. Dr. Gallup and his assistant are trying to prove that women who are artificially impregnated are more likely to experience nausea.

6. The Most Unusual Use of Sperm

Male sperm can be useful to you even … in the kitchen! If you follow the advice of the Natural Harvest-A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes cookbook, it is nutritious enough. The authors of the book recommend semen as a cheap ingredient that will add flavor to food. “Male semen has a great texture and therefore has incredible cooking properties. Like cheese or wine, semen tastes very complex and dynamic. Sperm are not expensive and are available in almost every home. However, despite this, sperm is still not consumed as food, ”the authors of the unusual cookbook say. However, this is not a scientific approach, so it is not worth cooking with sperm.

Also during the First World War, English intelligence officers discovered that semen could be used as invisible ink. It does not respond to detection tools like other chemicals. Nowadays, spy tricks are more technologically advanced than using sperm as ink, but suddenly come in handy, don’t forget about such amazing sperm quality!

Well, if there is no sperm source nearby, it doesn’t matter. There are creams, sports and much nicer flavorings. And to get the desired orgasm, you can always use sex toys. And with them it will not be necessary to experimentally test the benefits of sperm.

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