7 most popular male erotic fantasies

I think there are far more sexual fantasies among men than seven, but let’s take a look at the most popular of them.

1. “Amor de Trois”

A fifth of all men dream of having threesome sex. And in such a way that he was one and two women, but not vice versa! That is, without competitors and completely. For some reason, men believe that they will get twice as much pleasure from such sex. In this case, no one is going to think about women.

2. “Shavanasana”

In yoga, this is the pose of a corpse. But in sex, about 20% of the strong half want the weaker half to be immobilized. In short, the motto of such fantasies is: minimum movement! This is not a pathology with a tendency to necrophilia, but simply a man’s desire for complete trust on the part of a woman.

3. Tie!

But 17% of men want to be tied up during sex. That is, a mirror image of the previous point. It’s like a nurse-patient game. The patient lies quietly and waits for the nurse to come and do everything herself.

4. Voyeurism

This is such a beautiful word called a banal secret spying on a couple having sex. 16% of men dream about it! Perhaps this is due to the development of the porn industry.

5. His own director

About 15% of men want to record their sex games on video. This speaks of the need for the stronger sex to feel like a hero-lover. And if one of these 15% started directing porn films with a loved one in the lead role, then even the publication of such videos will not stop him. Apparently a kind of drug!

6. Swing

This movement is gaining momentum all over the world. So far, 7% of men dream of changing partners during sex. This is the so-called “controlled” betrayal. But for the psyche, such games can end badly, since not everything and not always can be taken under control.

7. Group sex

Only 3% of the stronger sex dream of engaging in group sex orgies. Perhaps the reason here is trivial – there is an opportunity to slap! Especially for those who have problems in this area.

And finally, do not forget that sex should be not only pleasant, but above all safe! (Especially when the partner is not alone).

event_note October 25, 2021

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