12 active sex positions for the young and daring

Are you young, hot and hate lazy sex? Fine! We have selected 12 original positions for you, which will give couples room to experiment, giving new and unusual sensations. Hot night for you!

1. Pearl Gate

Do you know where the pose comes from? The point is that this metaphor is related to the female body. The spread legs symbolize the gate leaf, but the clitoris has a poetic name – a pearl. By the way, in English the term “pearl diver” is a reference to oral sex. This position is suitable only for couples in which the partner is light and the man is strong. In this position, space opens up for stimulating the intimate areas of a friend. It is also worth considering for partners who want to avoid penetrating the penis too deeply. Does this pose seem inactive to you? And you ask the opinion of a guy who has to manipulate from below and move.

2. Mad Rider

A variation of the previous position for partners who are not interested in lying still while men lead the process (even if from below). The position is suitable for both vaginal and anal sex.

3. Spider with a rise

Quite a difficult pose, with which all partners are guaranteed to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, arms and legs. I do not recommend experimenting on a soft bed, as the posture requires stability. Better to get over to the floor. And it’s not that far to fall …

4. Crab

Is the previous position too inconvenient? Then try this more comfortable option. By the way, in this position the deepest position is ensured, and the woman can dominate. The Crab position is considered one of the best positions for height differences. 

5. Perforator

This option is also universal and suitable for vaginal and anal intercourse. Be careful and ask your partner not to move too actively, as the penetration is incredibly deep here. It is better to prefer this position with a man whose dignity is not too great for a partner.

6. Stallion

A variation of Reverse Cowgirl, in which the woman turns her back to her partner. An interesting option for active ladies who love quick and temperamental sex with full control over their partner. 

7. Reverse Jack

Want to try something out of the ordinary? Then sit with the jacks with your stomachs down. Honestly, it will be oh so difficult to dock in this position the first time, but the new sensations are worth a little sweat.

8. Jack classic

But this is a much more comfortable Jack position. Unusual penetration angle and new sensations are guaranteed. Make sure the man is holding his weight on his knees and hands, otherwise it will be quite heavy. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to move properly the first time. Unlike most movements, Jack poses move up and down and to the sides, not back and forth.

9. Squatting

Not a bad position for couples in which the girl is much lighter than the man, and he has strong muscles and can hold and move his partner. Although it seems that this option is completely dominated by a woman, in fact, both partners can be actively involved in the process. Here you can apply the exciting pompur technique . This is one of the delightful sexual techniques with which you can act on the genitals not by friction, but by squeezing, creating unusual sensations: from vacuum to wave stroking. 

10. Arch of love

When starting this position, keep in mind that it requires good physical fitness from your partner. In such gymnastic poses, it is imperative to first warm up the muscles and stretch – as with any sports. Also, a warming back massage will not be superfluous, which can be a wonderful prelude. It is extremely inconvenient for the girl to move, and in general it is undesirable (otherwise, you can lose balance and fall). A man will rule the ball. He needs to firmly hold his girlfriend by the buttocks and move his pelvis towards. The advantage of the position is that the blood will rush to the partner’s head, creating a pleasant dizziness.

11. Tower

A sensual, energizing and active position that allows the lady to control the depth of penetration, while setting the pace. A man can caress his partner’s back, neck, chest and legs. If desired, the man can come closer and, with his hand, stimulate the girl’s clitoris.

12. Doggy with a raised leg

An excellent position for those who like hot sex with deep penetration and sharp movements. The difference compared to the classic ” Doggy- style” pose is quite significant. It is the partner’s raised leg that allows the penis to penetrate even deeper. The thigh should be taken a little to the side.
Do you love sexual experiments? Then start mastering poses for each room in the house. Love each other and let your intimate life always play with new colors, giving the sweetest and unforgettable emotions! 

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