20 positions for extreme pleasure in anal sex

Anal sex is still a taboo for many women. But if you are confident in your partner and want to try new ideas for female pleasure in bed, then you should know that there are many more ways to achieve orgasm than 7 options for the missionary position. In fact, this position is one of the least enjoyable and comfortable ways to start having anal sex.   

In order to find the best positions for anal sex, as well as get the best advice on how to put this sexual fantasy into practice, we decided to seek the opinion of an expert in the field of sex and relationships – Kate Campbell. She explains that before starting the practice, “you have to take into account that this game is completely different from communication” and therefore requires a little more dedication, preparation … and lubrication. ” He also adds: “It is necessary to study the anal area of ​​the partner before penetration. It is very important that both parties relax and learn how the body responds to this stimulation. ” Kate advises: “Start with massage and foreplay and open your anal area with your fingers (always with short nails!), Tongue, or sex toys before you start penetrating.”

You may be accustomed to practicing sex in a more traditional way, but it’s worth knowing that anal sex is also very common among heterosexual couples, and with it, you can discover many forms of pleasure that you didn’t know about before. So when you feel ready and sure you want to do this, try one of the 20 positions below. 

1. Fan

Pose brings a whole new dimension to anal sex with a new fusion angle. In this position, the man penetrates the woman, reaching a depth that cannot be achieved in another position.

The partner enters the partner from behind, controlling movements and, having the opportunity to stimulate the breast or vagina with his hands. A huge range of emotions and pleasure!

2. Monkey
This time, you take the reins. To practice anal sex in this position, your man lies on his back and pulls his knees up to his chest. Then you stand with your back to him, lower yourself onto your hips and slide down until his cock is inside you. To bring lightness and stability to your movements, rest your hands on your partner’s legs. “In this position of anal sex, the woman can slide over her partner’s penis and thus allow her to control the depth of penetration,” concludes Kate.  


3. Moorish kebab

This position is a great alternative for anal sex. This time, your hands remain free to stimulate your body or your partner’s body while he has to do all the hard work.

Your partner needs to support his body on your side to create the right angle between you, and also to position your knees in the shape of a bridge so that the man is well below. This position will help your anus relax and prepare for a pleasant penetration. And then the fun begins!

4. Amazon
If you want to add more variety to your sex life, then you can’t do without accessories. With this pose, you will change your routine and find that it is possible to have fun on a stool. In this position, you get the opportunity to control the situation when you literally saddle your partner. Make sure your feet and theirs are touching the ground to maintain balance. 


5. Leg Up
As we noted, opening up your legs gives you extra pleasure, so, as you can imagine, this pose can make you fly into the heavens. Lie on your back and lift one leg. Have your partner sit in such a way that he can place the leg you raised on his shoulder.

This is the best position for anal sex if you are looking for full contact with your partner as you are looking at each other and he has a free hand to fondle you. Plus , you too can come up with an application for your hands. 

6. Magic Mountain The
classic pose that almost every person imagines when thinking about anal sex is when a woman bent over and a man entered her from behind. The magic mountain pose is based on the same idea, but its execution is quite different. In this position, the process is controlled by a man, he does it, gently hugging you from behind, which adds intimacy and gives full contact. 


7. Double Decker Bus
In this position, your partner lies on their back, and you do the same, but sitting on him. The woman should slightly arch her back and stay at the level of the man’s chest, supporting herself on her elbows.

The partner bends her knees, and the partner smoothly penetrates her, gently holding her by the waist. If you enjoyed the sensation of penetration, it’s time to continue your sexual experience and try the following anal sex positions. 

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