15 best positions for sex on the couch

It is somehow incredibly boring to make love exclusively in the bedroom and only on the bed … Moreover, you can adapt other furniture for intimacy, showing a bit of imagination. Today we will explore with you interesting positions for sex on the couch.

  1. Scissors
    An excellent position for those who want to experience the pleasure of a non-trivial penetration angle. The position is also suitable if a man has a non-standard curvature of the penis and in the classic versions his partner is experiencing discomfort.

2. Lotus

Sex position for couples in love will delight you not only with the deepest penetration, but also with a feeling of emotional connection with your partner. In this position, it is convenient to hug, kiss, look into each other’s eyes … Some couples lose their balance when trying to actively move. But here the sofa will come to the rescue. Hold on to the back of the couch or ask the man to lean against it. 

3. Iron

The sensual option will appeal to women who like sex to begin with an erotic massage. For more vivid sensations, you can use clitoral vibrators, for example, “Butterfly” or vibro panties . Bring your thighs together to feel the tight penetration of the penis.

4. Classic spoons

Do you like cozy, gentle and unhurried sex? Then pay attention to the “Spoon” position. In it, both lie on their side (man behind). A nice bonus: the partners’ hands are free, so you can also stimulate the clitoris or caress the female breast during sex. 

5. Spoons (face to face)

The same “Spoons”, only this time the partners lie on their sides, facing each other. The couple does not take up much space, so this option is among the most enjoyable sex positions for a narrow bed or sofa.  

6. Bad girl

If you are into fingering techniques and erotic spanking, then this position will definitely appeal to you. The man sits down on the sofa, the woman lies down on his knees and pretends to be a mischievous hooligan, while the guy slaps her on the ass and caresses her fingers. A classic of the genre for fans of role-playing games.  


Oral sex has long ceased to be taboo in sex. In the modern world, blowjob and cunnilingus have almost ousted vaginal sex from the leading position. Well, how to get pleasure from the plowing at the same time? Of course, using pose 69. If the sofa is too short, ask the man to bend his knees and place them on the armrest or hold them up.

8. Deep throat

By the way, about the blowjob. The couch can be a comfortable surface for the deep throat technique known as the deep throat. The partner lies down on the sofa so that her head hangs over the edge. In this case, you can put your feet on the back of the sofa. The advantage of the posture is that the penis enters the throat in a straight line, which helps to overcome the gag reflex. 

9. Face to face (sitting)

All face-to-face positions are good for stimulating the clitoris as it rubs against the man’s body during intercourse. This position option is worth considering for fans of deep penetration and female domination in sex. The pose is suitable for both a sofa and a sturdy chair.

10. Sitting (man behind)

Experiment by changing the position of the bodies. You don’t have to actively move. If you get tired, ask the man to move your arms. This is one of those versatile positions that can be used during threesome sex. If, of course, you want such experiments. 

11. Horsewoman

A comfortable position for active sex at a fast pace. It is generally accepted that men simply adore her, since they can see women’s breasts and can hold on to a friend’s ass. In fact, there are quite a few guys out there who are not at all thrilled with the pose. The problem is that the woman in her takes over the initiative and slows down the pace that the guy needs, which makes it harder for him to experience an orgasm. If you are faced with such a problem, invite the man to move you himself, holding your buttocks. So everyone will be satisfied.

12. Psychologist

Another option for those who have long dreamed of realizing a role-playing game scenario. In this case, you can play a psychologist and his client, comfortably sitting on the couch. You can switch roles. Begin by masturbating, for example by following the orders of your counselor. And then you can go to the pose from the next paragraph. 

13. Doggy Style

The female partner lowers her torso onto the surface of the sofa, stands with one foot on the floor, and lifts the other onto the sofa. A man enters from behind, standing on the floor with his feet or kneeling (depending on the height of the sofa and the height of the girl). With her legs wide apart, the penetration is pleasant and deep.

14.69 (sitting)

I must say right away that this is a difficult sex position for hardy couples. It is not easy for both men (who have to hold the woman’s weight) and girls (as they hang upside down). The girls are scared that they will be dropped, men are scared to drop their partner and feel her sliding teeth on their penis … Well, let’s not talk about the bad. If you are physically strong and confident in each other, then this pose is worth trying. In the classic version, the man should be standing, but we recommend starting with a less traumatic position where the partner is sitting on the couch. It is not so far to fall from there, and it will not be so difficult for a man to hold his girlfriend. 

15. Blowjob

If he comes home after a hard day and is all on the nerves, then just sit your loved one on the sofa and caress. It will be great if you move the sofa to the mirror. Let your loved one sit back and relax while admiring your body. 

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