7 sex positions to stimulate female breasts

Men are strange creatures. They cannot take their eyes off the girl’s neckline and sometimes remember the size of her breasts better than the color of her eyes. But for all this, many guys cannot be called experts in the caresses of the female breast, and in fact it is an erogenous zone. Well, let’s fix this unfortunate situation.

Oxytocin – the hormone of love

Scientists claim that petting around the nipple and breastfeeding activate the body to produce oxytocin, one of the pleasure hormones. Oxytocin is also called the hormone of love and the hormone of attachment. Oxytocin gives a feeling of calm happiness and relaxation. It is an extremely important hormone that makes the mother feel connected to her baby during feeding. And oxytocin also covers us with a wave of tenderness after orgasm. This is why many people confess their love after sex.
All women are unique, and although not all of us get unspeakable pleasure from breast stimulation, many of them are insanely enjoyable. Gentle stroking or light nibbling , tickling sucking, delicate tingling or breast massage – all these types of foreplay can turn a woman on from a half-turn, causing a burning desire in her. Now imagine how her orgasm will increase if the breast stimulation continues during sex!
In addition to purely physiological pleasure, the psychological factor also comes into play. When a woman sees and feels that the chosen one pays so much attention and tenderness to her body, she melts in his hands, feeling beautiful, sexy and loved. But where to start learning the art of weasel? Of course, with the study of the anatomy of the breast.

Breast anatomy: three main erogenous zones

Let’s arrange a little educational program. So, in addition to stimulating the breast mound itself, it is important to pay attention to two more erogenous zones – the nipple and areola. Practice shows that men do not know very much the terminology, considering that the areola is the nipple. 

1. Nipple

As a rule, the nipple responds most to affection, since it has many nerve endings. On intense arousal, the nipples harden, as if from cold. Interestingly, nipple erection (as opposed to clitoral erection) is in no way dependent on blood circulation.

In 2011, psychologists at Rutgers University discovered an interesting fact: stimulating the nipples activates the same areas in the brains of women as stimulating the clitoris and vagina! This means that nipple orgasm is not a myth at all.

However, you should not rush into the pool with your head, touching your girlfriend’s nipples without asking. Their stimulation in some ladies does not cause a response, and in some, the nipples are so sensitive that the slightest touch to them will even be unpleasant. In these cases, it is worth switching attention to the areola or the mounds of the breast themselves.

2. Areola

The areola is a rounded, dark spot that surrounds the nipple. Therefore, it is also called the areola . When touched and stimulated, the skin of the areola contracts. You can notice small tubercles on the areola – these are the Montgomery glands, which are actively involved in the breastfeeding process. Sex gurus claim that stimulating the areola during foreplay and coitus will be a great addition to the edging technique . This means that a woman’s arousal will not be abrupt, but pleasant and long-lasting, enhancing the subsequent orgasm. 

3. Breast mound

No one has the right to tell you exactly how to caress a woman’s breasts, except for the specific woman. We are too unique. Someone likes the gentle squeezing of hills, someone prays for flip flops. But what can I say, even one and the same woman at different stages of arousal may desire radically opposite stimulations – sometimes weak, sometimes hard. The only advice that can be given is to listen to your chosen one and react to the responses of her body.

Some women also enjoy intramammary ( inter-breast ) sex. This is a kind of exotic sex without penetration, in which a man rubs his penis between his partner’s breasts. In doing so, she or he squeezes the breasts from the outside so that the penis feels pressure.  

The best positions for fondling breasts

Well, we figured out the basics of anatomy. Let’s explore the sex positions in which it is convenient for a man to caress the breasts of his beloved.

1. Spoons

The “Spoon” position is ideal for lovers of sensual and leisurely sex. The peculiarity of this category of poses is that partners need to lie on their side. At the same time, the man is behind the woman’s back. So it is convenient for the partner to caress the chest with one hand, sometimes also stimulating the clitoris. If the girl rises a little, then the guy can caress her breasts with both hands. 

2. Interthoracic sex lying

There is a myth that only those with large breasts can have interbreast sex. I assure you that it is not. Even with a modest size, you can contrive and grab a penis with a breast. It is enough to change the position during sex, as if hanging over the man’s penis with his chest.

3. Inquisitor

Position for cunnilingus with a rather frightening name for a woman’s ear. Fortunately, no one will burn at the stake, unless they feel the fire of burning desire. A delightful position with simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and chest.

4. Sex standing (man from behind)

You will also find interesting ideas in the section of sex positions in a standing position. Emphasize options in which the man’s hands are free. 

5. Emmanuelle

I have no idea why many sex catalogs have given the pose this name. I suspect that scenes from the erotic film of the same name are played out here. The position in the style of “Woman on top” is suitable for couples who love games with male submission and female dominance.  

6. Goddess

The same “Emmanuelle”, only with a turn of the body. The pose is suitable for both cunnilingus and anusling . However, be careful with such oral sex. It is important to remember that the genitals should not be touched if you have already touched the anus. Otherwise, you can get an infection. Either fondle your vulva or your ass. And, of course, don’t forget to stimulate your breasts. The advantage of the twist pose is that in it a woman can caress her partner’s penis. Everyone is good, everyone is happy. 🙂

7. Lap dance

Sitting position, the woman has her back to the man. Get inspired by the name of the pose and start your love games with a dance. Let the girl kneel down on her partner’s knees and begin to wriggle erotically, rubbing her hips and pelvis against his penis. In addition to this position, we recommend exploring the Riding Poses.   

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