Wedding night: 20 sex positions for newlyweds

Getting ready for your honeymoon? Then arrange a sensual sex marathon, starting from the very first wedding night. We invite you to embark on a world of sweet experiments, enriching your mating games with these erotic positions.

1. Lady’s saddle

This position got its name due to the resemblance to riders sitting in ladies’ saddles. In this case, the girl’s legs are on one side of the man, and do not cover him from both sides, as in the classic variations of the “Rider” pose.
Sometimes the usual face-to-face penetration can be annoying. So why not spice up your intimate life with a pose with an unusual angle of penetration?

2. On the side, face to face

A wonderful version of a sex position for lovers. Sitting on your side face to face, you can hug, kiss, whisper cute nonsense to each other and look into the eyes of your loved one. True, moving quickly in this position will not work. So it is more suitable for fans of leisurely sex. 

3. Cross-legged reverse rider

Do you like daring sexual experiments and non-trivial positions? Try this pose, which requires the girl to be good at balancing. This is a great option for newlyweds, because someone who, and they just adore love experiments in the bedroom.

4. Wheelchair swing

Remember the funny swing that you used to have fun on from morning to night as a child? This pose for men can resemble movement on those same swing. This option has many advantages: deep penetration is provided, there is pressure on the clitoris, the position can be suitable for both vaginal and anal sex.

5. Screwdriver

The spicy variation of the Doggy Style pose will appeal to fans of sultry sex with deep penetration. A great position for those who like to spank a female ass.  

6. Scorpio

The position of the girl’s body in this position resembles a scorpion . The position will interest girls with a sensitive back, since it is on this position that the most tangible stimulation by the partner’s body falls. Pillow sex will make the position more comfortable.

7. Scissors

This sex position was glorified in lesbian games, in which Sappho’s followers please each other without penetration, only by touching their genitals. However, the “Scissors” are perfect for heterosexual couples in the process of sex with penetration.

8. Sagittarius

Are you and / or your partner born under the sign of Sagittarius? Then be sure to try this sex position option. However, representatives of other zodiac signs can also enjoy it. And where does such an interesting name come from? The fact is that the woman’s body here resembles a bow in the hands of a man, and his penis symbolizes an arrow. This option is suitable for lovers of sex positions in a standing position. The only drawback: if the man is much taller than his girlfriend, he will have to bend his knees a lot. If there is a significant difference in height, a girl should wear high-heeled shoes with a platform. The main beauty of the position is that the woman’s thighs apart allow the man to enter as deeply as possible. In addition, the angle of penetration of the penis allows you to stimulate the G-spot. Another plus: the girl’s hands are free, so she can caress the clitoris, increasing her pleasure from sex. 

9. Classic rider

How can we ignore such classics of sex positions as the Cowgirl position? According to many polls, it is in this position that women often experience orgasm. What’s the secret? The partner herself controls the angle of penetration, depth of entry, speed of movement, and also rubs her clitoris against the man’s body, making it easier for her to finish.

10. Reverse horsewoman

If you do not like the sex positions of the category “Girl on top”, then we strongly recommend experimenting with body turns. Interestingly, in this position, the penis penetrates even deeper. Turning her back to the guy, the girl can actively masturbate, caressing her clitoris with her hands or sex toys.  

11. Knave missionary pose

The missionary position in the jack position is one of the creative variations in sex for fans of everything original. Of course, for beginners in this position the first time it will be difficult. But the game is worth the candle.

12. Back entrance

This is a cross between the poses ” Doggy- style” and “Iron”. Great position for slow or quick penetration, vaginal or anal sex. A man can easily change the pace, giving his girlfriend pleasure.

13. Cooney in the bridge

To experiment with this pose, it is important that the woman is physically hardened: going to the gym or doing yoga. She will have to show endurance, as in the “Bridge” position she will have to stand for a few seconds.

14. Sex prone

Do you love massage during foreplay? Then you will definitely fall in love with this position, because in it a man can go from massaging your body directly to sex, or he may not stop massage at all, penetrating his penis into your body.

15. Half-cut

Shall we continue exploring positions in sex for the most flexible? In order to avoid subsequent back pain, we recommend that girls first warm up, warming up the body. Since it is somewhat difficult to be in this position for a long time, ask your man not to delay too much with teasing , but immediately proceed to cunnilingus (or anusling ) with active movements of the tongue. You can supplement them with the fingering technique so that the girl reaches orgasm faster.  

16. Jailer

A huge plus of the pose is that it doesn’t require a lot of space for making love. This is a great option for standing sex that doesn’t require a bed. This position of the bodies allows a man to penetrate as deeply as possible into his girlfriend’s body, making dynamic and hard thrusts with his pelvis. 

17. Octopus

Do you want to show originality and try atypical poses with some unusual body plexus? Then pay attention to the position “Octopus”. Here the whole trick of penetration lies in the sliding movements of bodies.

18. Nirvana

The position with the meditative name “Nirvana” elevates disgusting missionary sex to a whole new level. Both partners are comfortable in this position, and a man can show the skill of a lover, moving at different rates. If the sensation for orgasm is lacking, try placing both legs on one of the guy’s shoulder, crossing your hips. This will create pressure in the clitoral area.
If you are dreaming of adding to your newfound family, then keep in mind that options with legs raised are among the best positions for conceiving a child. 

19. Bent Legs Missionary Position

Although everyone is skeptical about missionary positions, considering them rather commonplace and even downright boring, we still urge you not to abandon this category completely. Just play with variations of it: spread your legs as wide as possible or squeeze them closer, bend your knees, and so on. The illustration just shows an example with legs bent at the knees and hips apart.

20. Doggy style with deflection

Of course, the selection of positions would not be complete without the great Doggy Style category. It is worth at least slightly to change the position of the body of any of the partners, as the pose will sparkle with new sensual colors. Ask the man to place his hands on your back or lower back – touching them will elicit an arousal response.

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