4 golden rules of dating, which will allow you to establish a personal life

Hardest dating is given after a divorce. Indeed, in his youth, much happens naturally. And after 10 years of marriage, anyone will begin to feel that he has lost his form “in such matters.”

When one relationship ends, even if it was painful and not pleasant, others start sooner or later. Sometimes you can meet your destiny so unexpectedly that you can immediately let go of her confusion. To avoid this, a meeting with a man must be prepared in advance.

Rule 1. For a fateful meeting with a man you need to prepare in advance

In a woman there are 5 basic qualities that attract men.


Smile and good mood always attract men. But sullen nurses with a print of gravity on the face – repel. It’s as simple as two and two! Smile, and the men will reach out to you.

Ease .

Men always reach out to easy women. Do not confuse ease with easy accessibility! Women, not wanting to be in a “no-commitment” light relationship, are heavy, overly serious. But men are just involved in a serious relationship with the lungs of women – the lungs in terms of nature and intention, in terms of “not loading” and not too attached to the man.

Self confidence .

Men love confident women. Confidence here does not imply a woman’s self-confident behavior, but her knowledge of her own relevance among other men.

Self sufficiency . This is the ability of a woman to be happy in itself. A self-sufficient woman is well alone with herself, she is happy with life and knows how to organize interesting activities and leisure for herself. She has goals and plans, she knows how to implement them. Remember, self-sufficient women attract self-sufficient men.

Femininity . This is what “includes” a man’s sexual desire for you. Yes, you can attract people being a “shirt guy” for them, but there can be no talk of sexual attraction in this context. Sexuality, sensuality is your body language. The way you move, how you carry yourself, your image is a tool for attracting a man to a relationship. So if you want to find your knight – be feminine.

Rule 2. Need to know the places where successful men “are found”

At the stage of finding a man for a relationship, a woman should be proactive and be able to appear in the right place at the right time. Otherwise, in the expectation that someone will find it, you can spend your whole life without waiting for anyone. Where to go in search of a man?

  1. To search for the man of your dreams there is Internet space, again the same dating sites, social networks, forums and mobile applications. For example, you are fond of traveling and are in thematic groups. Surely there are many interesting men who share your hobby. And common interests, as you know, are a good reason for dating. Especially online to start a conversation is much easier, and there are lots of reasons: the man wrote an interesting comment, shared a beautiful photo, wrote cool posts.
  2. Great places to meet where you are relaxed, feel peace and joy. It can be a water park, spa, cable car in a ski resort, karaoke or just a city park. In such places we are especially open to fateful meetings.
  3. Sports and concert venues, places where you can play bowling, billiards, table tennis, squash, basketball, volleyball and so on. The person in the game is emotionally turned on as much as possible, and everything that happens against the background of such a state is very catchy and is permanently remembered. Therefore, your spectacular appearance in the field of view of a man in such circumstances will be very useful.

Rule number 3. Women’s wisdom in communicating with men

There are 3 reliable techniques that can and should be used when meeting men.

  1. Proper assessment of the situation – the key to successful dating. Suppose you want to talk to a man or provoke him to talk to you. Here it is important to understand that: not always, not everywhere and not to any man, you can approach to get acquainted. Before you take a step towards, it is worth watching the state of a man, he may not be at all up to communication at the moment. If a man is relaxed, open to communication – you can act.
  2. Strengths and talents – a competitive advantage and the key to an ideal acquaintance. Every woman has hidden talents. One sings well, the other dances, the third draws, the fourth plays bowling and billiards well … These are the strengths – women’s competitive advantage.Therefore, in order to find an interesting man, it is worth visiting places where you can show your talents in order to outshine other men in the eyes of men.
  3. The initiative must come from the man. No matter how the acquaintance with a man begins, even if the woman came first, further initiative should be given to him. For example, look at him interrogatively and ask the question: “What would you like to ask me?” Such a move will quickly involve a man in communication.

Rule number 4. Phone number

In order for a man to have a desire to continue communication, you need to know how the “inclusion” of a man per woman happens. It consists of 5 levels.

Level 1. Neutral. This level is the weakest. If you chat with him about the weather or nature, and do not touch anything meaningful and interesting, you are wasting time in vain. Such a conversation does not carry any meaning and, as a rule, occurs at the moments when it is necessary to close an awkward pause, and almost never gives any results. He politely bows and disappears.

Therefore, try to make a plan for yourself – interesting blanks, phrases that, like an electric charge, push the man and help you focus his attention on yourself.

Level 2. Household or “I and everything around me.” This is a conversation about something completely primitive. In this case, you are not talking about yourself, but rather go into the details of some situation. For example, a man asks you: “Have you come for a long time?” A man is not interested. And on a woman who bored no one “turn on”. Therefore, even if you are talking about understandable things, make it easy, season your story with humor, for example. Some kind of non-standard detail.

Level 3. “Me and my style.” This is a conversation from the position of disconnection from society, the crowd. You talk about yourself, your lifestyle, thereby allowing a man to get to know you better. You gradually reveal through your story: who you are, what you do, what hobbies, dreams, plans, goals. You tell about yourself and ask questions to a man about his preferences. That is, at this level of communication, you and your interlocutor will be able to reveal themselves. This allows you to find clues, general topics and understand how you can interest him, so he invited you to the next meeting.

Level 4. The first “we”! At this level, the man begins to unite himself and you. For the first time says “we.” And here it is important that a man unites you and himself. For example, “Could we meet with you?” Or “Can we get in touch?” It is important that a woman is never “we-kala” to a man first, otherwise he will lose the desire to conquer you. Once you have already united him and yourself into a single whole “we,” he might think: “Yeah, she likes me very much!” And can take advantage of your disposition – “lose your temper” and quit. Your task is to make the man want to unite himself and you first.

Level 5. Comprehensive “We.” It is the “we” that is in the air and everyone around you can feel it. Even if it was not indicated out loud, how a man looks at a woman, how he behaves side by side, speaks for itself – he + she = a couple. This is the final level to which a man leads a relationship with the woman with whom he plans a joint future.

So, knowing all these levels, in communication you need to learn to bring a man to the 3rd level – “Me and my style”. Try to move away from standards, do not be afraid to experiment and unfold, as a person. Then the conversation about the weather will start a date with the man of your dreams.

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