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Metabolic disorders and disease in men after 30 years

For men, a thirty-year milestone is a kind of boundary, many already have families and a fairly stable position, and it is time to think about your health. Often, diseases in men arise precisely at this age, although they still do not manifest themselves. So, there are frequent problems of the liver and gall bladder, metabolic disorders, leading to excess weight. Potency problems can also be formed, especially if the man leads an unhealthy lifestyle. Which of the first signs you should pay attention to, why do you need to see a doctor?

The state of health and the onset of disease

It is known that the initial manifestations of aging in the body occur after 25 years, because of which the metabolism gradually slows down, many   diseases. This contributes to the violation of the daily regimen, lack of sleep, stress at work, bad habits and other factors. The intercellular and intracellular metabolism, the formation and expenditure of energy, the digestive system, the liver and the gall bladder suffer. Although outwardly a thirty-year-old man is active and alert, you need to remember that the time has come to monitor your health, to carry out active prevention of various diseases, including in the intimate sphere. Although men do not have the concept of menopause, but certain age-related changes are typical for them. Naturally, this does not happen at the age of 30, but much later, but the prerequisites of many age-related diseases (diabetes, hypertension, risks of stroke or heart attack) are already formed during this period. Therefore, it is important to begin the prevention of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, controlling pressure and pulse, each year conducting a cardiogram.

Often, during this period, increased pressure is detected, which is so far imperceptible, but it is significantly harmful to health. If you do not do this, the risk of stroke or heart attack rises every year, which may lead to disability or premature death. In addition, today many diseases are much younger, and can occur even in young men (hypertension, diabetes, prostatitis and adenoma).

Attention to the liver and gallbladder

After 30 years, there may be problems with the liver and gall bladder, especially if a man abuses alcohol and is not eating well, does not belong to the adherents of a healthy lifestyle. Often, the liver and gallbladder actively react with pain to the excessive intake of alcohol in combination with salty, fatty and spicy foods, as well as the abuse of fast food in combination with smoking.

But in addition to liver problems, smokers can also feel general malaise compared to their non-smoking peers; it is more difficult for them to recover from chronic nicotine poisoning, there can be various diseases of the respiratory system during smoking. Morning   cough, stomach discomfort, problems with appetite and oral cavity are constant companions of smokers.

Overweight problems

After reaching the thirtieth anniversary, the digestive processes are slowed down, which leads to the fact that food is digested longer. In addition, against the background of inactivity and abundant consumption of high-calorie meals, all energy that comes with food is not wasted, which leads to its transfer to fats and the formation of excess weight. Initially, it is not very noticeable to a man, because he does not often control himself by getting up on the scales. Metabolism slows down, and the style of food and the volume of products remain the same, and the costs are reduced due to laziness and fatigue at work, as a result, overweight is accumulated year after year. At first, pants and a shirt a size larger are bought, then two, and as a result, an excess mass, corresponding to obesity, is revealed, which entails additional health problems. So, overweight is a step towards diabetes, disruption of the joints, especially of the lower limbs, diseases of the spine and disorders of potency. Therefore, you need to think about your diet and metabolic state. It is easy to check if there is an excess mass: you need to subtract 100 from growth, this will be an approximate weight in the norm, with a swinging scale down to 3-5 kg. In addition, the abdominal circumference is important, if it exceeds 95 cm, this indicates an increased risk of heart disease, problems with potency and digestion.

How to normalize the metabolism?

First of all, you need to take control of your diet and give up bad habits. For normal metabolism, you need to move a lot, burning all the calories coming from food, so it’s time to start running in the morning or sign up for the gym. In addition, the normal metabolism involves the supply of food with only useful components – protein, carbohydrates and fats in the right proportions. It is necessary to abandon fast food and soda, sweets, adding to the diet of vegetables and meat, dairy products and cereals.

Sexual health: potency and libido

Modern men already at the age of 30 may experience problems with potency and a decrease in sexual desire. This is due to many external factors as well as the influence of many genetic features, general health, and even lifestyle. Potency can significantly suffer from transferred intimate infections and pathologies of the urogenital tract, including in the presence of chronic prostatitis. Against the background of such a problem, even impotence can temporarily develop, which will also be a psychological blow for a young and active man. Therefore, it is important to prevent infections and reject promiscuity, as well as reduce the influence of bad habits in your life.

Potency also suffers significantly due to the psychological state of a man. Lack of positive emotions, lack of a constant partner or spouse, stress at work and at home, all this affects   potency   not the best way. It is important and the regularity of sexual life, if a man for a long time abstains from intimate intimacy, his sexual functions fade away, including potency. Naturally, intimate life will not be as stormy as in his youth, but it should be regular and full.

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