Gum disease and prostatitis – is there a connection?

Gum disease may seem like a minor problem. All complaints are reduced only to bleeding gums, bad breath and the presence of dental deposits. But this disease is insidious, which is confirmed by several independent from each other studies of scientists from different countries. To date, it has been convincingly proven that there is a close relationship between prostatitis in men and inflammation of the gums, as well as with impaired potency.

Prostatitis as a cause of violations of potency

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland. Over the past few decades, the frequency of the disease among men aged 20-50 years has doubled. To say that potency with prostatitis suffers is not necessary. Sexual intercourse is possible, but sexual desire can be inhibited, and the process of ejaculation is accompanied by unpleasant sensations, and even pain.

There are a lot of reasons for the development of prostatitis, and sometimes several of them work at once. Various sexually transmitted infections, representatives of conditionally pathogenic microflora that enter through the urethra or with blood flow can cause prostatitis. Various circulatory disorders in the pelvic organs can also provoke   prostatitis   and subsequent violations of potency.

These two fundamental causes of prostatitis are of most interest in formulating an answer to the question: are prostatitis and gum inflammation related?

The relationship of gum disease and diseases of internal organs

To date, the relationship of inflammation of the gums and diseases of the blood, heart and blood vessels, and even problems with conception has already been proven. How to explain it?

The causes of gum inflammation are most often plaque and tartar. As you know, this is a concentration of representatives of the microflora of the oral cavity, mainly streptococci. In the absence of satisfactory hygiene, treatment and prevention, microorganisms multiply uncontrollably and can cause periodontal destruction (a complex of tissues that hold a tooth in its place), as well as the formation of pathological periodontane pockets. It is in this pocket that microorganisms are comfortable: all the conditions for vital activity are created and there are practically no restraining factors for their growth and reproduction.

A British and Irish scientist conducted a study to find out how oral streptococci interact with blood and whether they can cause diseases of the cardiovascular system. It turned out – they can.

With the spread of streptococci with blood flow, protein compounds begin to form in it. Platelets are attached to their surface, forming a blood clot – thrombus. The formation of blood clots is a dangerous blockage of the lumen of blood vessels and heart attacks, heart attacks and strokes. But not only these effects must be feared. Scientists have placed particular emphasis on other consequences:   inflammation   blood vessels, rheumatic diseases, etc. And these diseases have their consequences for the whole body.

It is extremely difficult to predict what consequences may arise, but it is still possible to single out the risks, and they are very great. Therefore, doctors are recommended to visit the dentist at least 2 times a year and to sanitize the oral cavity in a timely manner.

Gum disease and prostatitis – where is the connection?

Understanding the relationship of gum inflammation and numerous diseases of internal organs and systems, the scientists went further. A full-scale study of men with prostatitis made it possible to formulate the idea that gum inflammation can also affect problems of potency. And these fears were confirmed.

Foreign scientists conducted an experiment in which men with impaired potency and healthy representatives of the strong half of humanity took part. The average age of men in groups was 35 years.

To collect data, the state of the gums, periodontal tissues and the potency of men were studied using a special index – the international index of erectile function. To assess the state of the gums, an index of plaque and calculus was used, the degree of bleeding of the gums and the depth of periodontal pockets were evaluated.

Studies have shown that in the group of men with potency problems, inflammation of the gums is registered in 53%, and in the second group with healthy gums – only 23%. But these results needed to be adjusted for age, bad habits, concomitant diseases, and gum inflammation characteristics.After the adjustment, scientists were able to conclude that men with problem gums are almost 4 times more likely to have impaired potency.

It was also noted that in almost 70% of cases   potency   suffers from diseases of the blood vessels. As mentioned above, inflammation of the gums can cause these pathologies. Therefore, in case of gum diseases, prostatitis or in case of various violations of potency, it will not be superfluous to consult with an andrologist, a urologist and a dentist.

Prostatitis and gum disease: research by American scientists

The scientific substantiation of the connection “prostatitis – inflammation of the gums” shook the scientific world. Until recently, research conducted on this issue seemed unconvincing and the results were not sufficiently studied.

American scientists from Western Reserve University in Ohio in 2010 – 2011 conducted a study and found evidence of the relationship between periodontitis and prostatitis. We remind you that periodontitis is inflammation of the periodontal tissue that holds the tooth in its place.

The main interest for the study was two markers: prostate-specific antigen, which is used to measure the level of inflammation in diseases of the male genitalia, and periodontal indicators. Certain indicators of the level of prostate-specific antigen may indicate inflammation in the prostate and the presence of a malignant neoplasm.

The study involved 150 men with a diagnosis of prostatitis, and even with prostate neoplasms. All study participants were divided into several groups, the basis of which was based on the indicator of prostate-specific antigen. Men with high levels of antigen had all the symptoms of periodontitis, which allowed scientists to conclude that both diseases are linked by the same inflammatory mechanism.

No matter how illusory the connection between the oral cavity and the male genital sphere seems to be – it exists. Everything in the body is interconnected, and one disease can cause another. Therefore, timely dental visits are more than necessary to maintain men’s health and strength.