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Disease prevention and proper nutrition for male power

Naturally, every man needs a complete, varied and balanced nutrition for all components. It is important to know that certain foods in the diet of men can not only prevent age-related diseases, but also affect the potency, both in a positive and in a negative direction. Female hormones, the presence of which is attributed to certain foods, as well as the fats and proteins that a man consumes, have a special influence. Which of the products can be attributed to the “male” and necessary for health, and which ones should be abandoned in the diet?

What does male potency depend on?

All male power is not only   potency   and libido, but also in the active exercise of reproductive functions, is directly dependent on the general state of health and the presence of certain diseases. A strong heart and healthy vessels have a significant effect on the state of male power, they allow you to fully fill the penis with blood and normally supply the prostate. In addition, for health you need to maintain a normal amount of cholesterol and active muscle tone.

Equally important is the balance of hormones, especially testosterone, male and female hormones, as well as the full-fledged work of the adrenal glands and the thyroid gland. Various diseases that lead to the suffering of all links of this chain, lead to violations of potency. In addition, an important role is played by the emotional component, the work of the nervous system.

Proteins and their role in men’s health

One of the indispensable products for men’s health is beef and veal (red meats), which are high in protein. It belongs to the building material for strong muscles, and in addition, meat is rich in iron, which helps in delivering oxygen to the tissues. Especially important proteins for those men who are engaged in hard physical labor. The more a man loads his muscles, the greater the amount of proteins he needs in order for them to actively develop and restore working capacity. And the amount of testosterone produced depends on the volume of the muscles. Accordingly, proteins are actively involved in maintaining potency and maintaining male power.

What is needed in the diet of men?

In addition to red meat, eggs, milk and dairy products become valuable sources of protein in men’s diet. They are also rich in leucine, which increases muscle strength and allows you to synthesize high-grade proteins for the body. Supplement nutrition is also calcium, potassium and beneficial microbes for digestion. No less important are cereal crops for preventing diseases and strengthening the male strength, since whole grain, which contains a lot of fiber, as well as a whole range of vitamins and mineral components, helps the heart to work, increases muscle strength and reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood plasma, and this already effective   prevention of diseases of the vessels and the heart.

For potency and libido

One of the most important elements in   nutrition   men is zinc. He takes an active part in the synthesis of sperm, helps protect the prostate from cancer, has an immunostimulating effect and has an anti-inflammatory effect in the male reproductive system. Food can be enriched with zinc at the expense of seafood, fatty fish and cereals, as well as some other products. In addition to zinc, the fish is also rich in phosphorus, as well as vitamin D, and it is necessary to use fish to increase potency at least twice a week. So that the potency does not suffer, at least once a month the man is recommended to pamper himself with seafood, with oysters and mussels giving the most pronounced effect.

But not all men can afford these dishes, so that the potency can be enhanced by more simple foods: parsley, celery, fresh juices from green fruits contain phytohormones, similar to male sex, they help to increase male strength. In order not to overload the liver, fresh juices are used no more than twice a week. Potency is enhanced by the consumption of nuts: they contain a lot of selenium and magnesium, those substances that help the full functioning of the prostate. In combination with honey, nuts acquire aphrodisiac properties and have a beneficial effect on sexual activity.

Female “hormones in products – the truth or fiction?

At one time phytoestrogens or so-called “female hormones” in products made a lot of noise. They were attributed to the negative impact on men’s health. Indeed, an excess of female hormones in the male body leads to problems in the intimate sphere and metabolic disorders. However, there are no products in which the notorious “female hormones” were contained in such an amount as to harm a man. Even beer, so beloved by many men, and to which a high content of these substances is attributed, has a negative effect on the body, not at the expense of phytoestrogens, but at the expense of excess calories. Excessive and frequent consumption of beer leads to the formation of excess weight, and adipose tissue, as it is proved to date, has hormonal activity – it produces female hormones. Accordingly, in overweight men, the potency suffers because of the deposition of excess fat on the sides, and not because of “female” products, with weight loss everything returns to normal.

What diseases affect the potency?

In the body of a man everything is interconnected, and, in fact, any diseases of the male body, one way or another, affect the potency. But it is especially active on the intimate functions affect the nervous system disorders, heart disease and vascular catastrophes, liver damage (it actively metabolizes hormones) and kidneys. Accordingly, endocrine disorders, adrenal and thyroid diseases, diabetes and metabolic disorders will have a negative effect. The pathologies of the digestive system, which impede the absorption of protein, fats and vitamins, necessary for the synthesis of steroids, the basis for sex hormones, as well as various infections, especially the intimate sphere, leading to prostatitis, can have a negative effect.

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