5 rules of morning sex

Scientists say, and practitioners argue that morning sex is not only pleasant, but also beneficial. After all, such a beginning of the day gives a positive, improves labor productivity and simply strengthens relationships. But how to get maximum positive from this invaluable pastime, eliminating embarrassment? It is worth listing 5 important rules that will help you enjoy each other to the fullest.

1. Wake up in advance so as not to rush

Such things can’t be rushed, crumpled and quick sex of two half-awakened people is clearly not the ideal of sexual relations. So you should wake up in advance, set the alarm not at the last moment before going to work. Either it is worth postponing the morning pleasure until the weekend, if you get up too early, or one of the partners does not get enough sleep. In any case, the opportunity to devote sex as much time as necessary, and a little more soak in each other’s arms will be a big plus.

2. Brush your teeth and go to the toilet in advance

If you decide to start the day with a pleasant awakening, you should go to the toilet and brush your teeth before sex. After all, if you decide to go to the toilet in the midst of the process, this obviously will not add pleasure to the partner.
As for brushing your teeth – overnight breathing is not too fresh and pleasant. But you probably want to kiss the hell out of you! So do not spoil each other’s pleasure.

3. A few more words about hygiene

Sometimes it’s not superfluous to look into the shower – or at least rinse out individual parts of the body before indulging in pleasure. Also, sometimes deodorant does not hurt. Especially if you prefer to wash in the morning rather than in the evening. It is better that hygiene precedes sex. Indeed, it will really be better for everyone.

4. A light snack will not hurt

Sex is an intense physical activity. Of course, the body needs calories, which it has not received since the last day. Therefore, a light breakfast before sex will be quite appropriate. You should drink at least sweet tea. You can also recommend fruit or some sweets. Surely your other half will not refuse breakfast in bed or a mug of hot coffee before making love.

5. Pleasant awakening for a partner

No one is pleased to wake up from an alarm clock or a side push. Therefore, it is worth waking up your soulmate carefully and with all tenderness. You can start with stroking and caressing, because such an approach will immediately locate a loved one for sex. In fact, with touches and words of love you can set a romantic mood any morning. Even if you get up too early. Even if everyone gets tired or something in life goes wrong.

6. Sex toy instead of an alarm clock

You can wake a loved one not only with kisses, but also with a promising vibration. This is a better solution than a familiar alarm clock. Touching the genitals should start at low speeds so as not to scare. And then the toys will become assistants in achieving orgasm, they will turn out faster if you need to run to work.

Morning sex – interesting moments

If a quarrel has occurred, and final reconciliation has not yet happened, it is morning sex that will help turn the tide in favor of peace and harmony. The fact is that in the first minutes after awakening, troubles and problems are usually not remembered, a person still does not have time to switch to the usual daily “functioning mode”. Therefore, the chances that your affection will be accepted and reciprocated will turn out to be the highest. This should be borne in mind, because after sex quarrels usually remain in the past, harmony returns to the relationship .

Also, morning sex may well replace … a warm-up or exercise. Indeed, making pleasant movements for both of you, you slightly load the muscles of the whole body. Leaving the matrimonial bed in the morning after such an awakening, you will notice that there is no drowsiness anymore, and the body is set up for productive day work.

So do not give up such pleasure. After all, it will make your life better!

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