How to eliminate the smell during anal sex?

Unpleasant odor during anal sex is a common occurrence that bothers partners. It does not occur immediately, but in the process of sexual contact, with its intensity increasing gradually. This phenomenon spoils all the sensations of intimacy. There are several ways to get rid of bad smell.


Experts recommend conducting this procedure without fail before anal sex. It brings great benefits from a medical point of view:

  • rectal emptying occurs;
  • most of the pathogens are neutralized;
  • the sphincter of the girl expands, which improves the entry of the penis.

An enema will be especially useful for those couples in whom it is not customary to use a condom. Bacteria that multiply within the intestines and exit along with feces are harmful to the penis. They can enter the urethra and cause inflammation. The procedure will eliminate a specific aroma and prepare the girl’s body for anal sex. An enema is necessary 15-20 minutes before sexual intercourse in order to precisely eliminate the source of unpleasant odor. Important. Some sources suggest an enema with a drop of aromatic oils or perfumes. This is bad advice. Such components are not designed for internal use. This can cause many health problems. Make an enema with water or herbal infusions without chemical additives.  


Flavored Condoms

Many sex products companies produce condoms with a variety of flavors. Often they are also colored. So, you can find the aroma of strawberries, banana or mint. Such contraception can be useful in order to hide the unpleasant odor during anal sex.

But it is worth considering that this method is not entirely effective in the long run, since smells tend to mix . It is useful to use condoms together with a fragrance lubricant to double the effect and accurately mask a specific symptom for a long time. It is important to ensure that added aromatic substances do not cause allergies in partners. .. Interesting: there are condoms only with aroma, but there is also with taste. The presence of taste is necessary for oral sex. With anal, a pleasant enough amber. 


Pleasant odor lubricant

Most lubricants produced by well-known manufacturers have a pleasant aroma. It is mostly fruit or flower. The unique composition of the product guarantees its safety when used for all types of sex, including anal.

The anatomical structure of the sphincter suggests the presence of small grooves on it, where pathogenic bacteria accumulate, which most often exude a fetid odor.

Eliminate the lubrication applied to the penis and anus. Over time, it will not remain on the penis of the partner, due to friction on the mucous membranes. However, the sphincter will be in it, microbes will not be able to contact with the air and exude an unpleasant odor, which will completely solve the problem.

Which lubricant to choose? Pleasant for both. The smell should like, not distract. It is important to understand that more than a thick lubricant will be required. And a water-based composition sometimes needs to be added in the process, as it can evaporate. 

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