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5 swing reviews. Was it worth a try?

Swing is an exchange of partners in a pair. Someone considers this an excellent solution for maintaining a marriage, someone condemns such an experience. But what do those who have tried such a relationship think? We learned the views of real couples for whom swing has become an interesting experience.

Positive experience

Ilya and Irina, married 9 years

Irina: We decided to try an exchange of partners when it became boring together. It was a mutual decision. It was difficult to find a pair, but when it turned out, we were glad. Sex with a new partner was not very pleasant, I just got used to my husband. But then we began to treat each other more carefully. We met that couple just a couple of times, now we are looking for someone else. All in all, I liked to feel more free. Ilya: We had experience with only one pair. It was very strange, but interesting. It was not sex itself that excited me, but the expectation of it, but also the sensations after. It brought us closer, now we have a secret that unites us. Sex is important, but it is not the only thing in swing. 


Roman and Svetlana, 3 years living together

Roman: We immediately decided that we had an open relationship. But this became a problem, as time was running out. She and my dates took time, we hardly crossed paths at home. And then they decided, why not unite and start to relax together? Now we meet with couples, have a good time. They even tried group sex. Svetlana: Meeting in pairs is more convenient for us than for everyone to look for a partner. Plus, it eliminates strong attachment. This allows us to experiment, but does not pose a threat to our family. We already tried swing with seven different pairs, everything is different each time, and it’s great. Only sex is obtained with someone, and we are friends with someone and just spend time together. 


Andrey and Julia, married 15 years

Andrei: For many years my wife and I tried everything. But I wanted something more. At first they just flirted with other couples, and then they felt that it turns us on and makes our sex brighter. Then they tried to cross the border …. And it turned out that it was interesting! Julia: We gradually came to the swing. From frank conversations, everything once passed on to kisses. It was interesting and very exciting. After that, our sex was gorgeous for a few more months. Then I wanted more, and we tried to play a little more frankly. And now we consider sex with others the norm. But this is still a game of the rules. These are always established couples who do not plan to diverge. These are people who understand refusal and know how to protect themselves. And these are the ones that both of us like. 


Negative experience

Vika and Alexander, 14 years in a relationship, 6 years married

Vika: The experience with the other couple almost brought us to a divorce. I won’t do this anymore. We became jealous. Not just getting angry, but almost hating another. It was a nightmare when we could not talk normally for almost a year, and certainly sleep together. I introduced him to another, and this did not allow me to live. I had to go to a psychologist and deal with this. Any betrayal, even permitted, can ruin everything. Alexander: I don’t even want to remember. At first it was good, and then we became jealous. I thought we would divorce. 


Asya and Stas, together 10 years

Stas: I would not mind trying, but my wife categorically refuses. She is against swing and generally flirting with others. Even jealous of my colleagues. For her, everything is treason – even a smile, so we did not talk about swing. It seems to me that even for a conversation she will kill me. Asya: How can you even sleep with someone else if you have a loved one? This is betrayal! Swing or exchange of partners is a unique experience that does not suit every couple. To realize it or not, everyone decides for himself. It is important to discuss and think through everything in advance, because a feeling of jealousy can occur at any time. Tell us, what is your opinion about swing? 

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