6 unusual poses for fun sex

In sex, you can try dozens of different poses. No need to focus on a couple of familiar ones; new options are able to give unusual sensations. 6 sexual positions will allow you to experience something new.

The poses presented are difficult to perform, some skill is needed to make the sensations pleasant. And each pair can slightly change the position for themselves. By changing the angle of inclination, the position of the arms or legs, it will turn out to find a better solution for the couple.

To make the position even more interesting, do not forget to use lubricants, they facilitate penetration, improve gliding. And sex toys will not be superfluous, they will increase excitement, help bring the moment of maximum pleasure.

1. “Kalachik”. This is a strange pose, at first it will cause an awkward chuckle, but then it will bring a lot of pleasure. What do we have to do? The man lies on his side, fully stretched, and the woman lies in the opposite direction from her partner, curls up and hugs his legs. At the same time, the whole emphasis of the body goes to one of the woman’s hands, and if she gets tired, you can change the pose or just lie on the other side. The pose is suitable for vaginal and anal sex. You can try with sex toys for a couple, they will complement the stimulation, make the orgasm more intense. 2. The bridge. 

 It is worth clarifying that this pose is very difficult to perform, requires good physical preparation: a flexible back and strong arms. A man stands on the bridge, and his partner sits on top of him and controls the movements and balance of the body. It is worth at least once in your life to try this pose, so that it would be, then what to remember.

Pose for women with high growth. If the partner is much higher, then the girl will not be able to sit on top and get her feet to the floor. But attempts to realize this option will still cause a smile. 3. “Balancing.” A man can sit against the wall and spread his legs, and a woman should sit on it, legs crossed. This complicates her coordination of movements and balancing, but the partner will certainly help by caressing the chest or neck. The pose is not for the finish line, in order to experience an orgasm, you will have to change the position. But in the middle of the act it can turn out very interesting. The range of motion is unusual. 4. “Chipped Bamboo.” The woman spreads her legs wide, and the man sits down on one of them. The second female leg is located on his shoulder. Pose for deep penetration, but the possibility of movement in the lady is limited. The man takes all the initiative, but the girl’s hands are free. And she can use them for other caresses of herself or her partner. The pose can become a favorite for many couples. This is convenient, and the penetration is very deep. However, it does not require much physical effort. 5. “Necklace of Venus.” A very beautiful name and no less beautiful and sensual pose. A woman lies on the edge of any surface and throws her crossed legs over the man’s neck, who, in turn, raises her partner’s hips and enters. You can sit on a table or bed. But if the bed is not high, a man may need to kneel to have the correct height. Perfect pose with sex toys. A girl can place a vibrator near the clitoris, her sensations will be many times brighter. 6. “Chair”. Now it’s man’s turn to make a birch, but already half. He lies on his back, and presses his legs to his chest, as if taking the form of a chair. A woman sits on the buttocks of a man, firmly rests her feet on the floor. This posture allows the male sex to penetrate his partner as deep as possible. So in this position, you don’t have to pay attention to physical activity at all. You should try all 6 positions, but even if you don’t like some, others will delight you. And such an experience will help you to get to know each other better, and maybe it will lead to more daring experiments. 

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