6 secrets of quality sex for women

The fact that women and men are from different planets is no longer in doubt: we think, feel and look at life situations in different ways. Sex is no exception, therefore, in order to achieve maximum mutual understanding with your partner in bed, it is worth considering important points.

1. Take a shower

Even if you are sure that your body exudes a natural feminine scent that should drive all men crazy, do not neglect water treatments before each intimate meeting. Not every partner can enjoy your natural scent. And in general, this is a natural hygienic procedure that should precede all dating of a sexual nature. 

2. Do not undress

When passions take possession of you, you want to quickly rip off your clothes and finally merge with the object of lust in ecstasy. But by doing this you will deprive the man of a pleasant moment – to undress you yourself. This sets him up for sex, increases the degree of arousal and allows him to get not only tactile pleasure, but also aesthetic one. Did you in vain choose erotic lingerie for a meeting? Let him enjoy it to his fullest.

3. Do not turn off the light

Men love with their eyes, so overcome your complexes and learn to have sex in the light, so that your partner can admire the process of intimacy and your sexuality. Unlike us, they don’t care about the pimples and wrinkles that call our eyes. If you became an object of desire, it means that he accepted you with all the flaws, and they will not in any way darken the overall picture in bed.

4. Do not command

Each partner tries to get maximum pleasure from sex, but this is not a reason to act to the detriment of each other. Do not make a man dance to your tune and unquestioningly fulfill all your desires. Listen to what he likes. Be reciprocal and generous in affection. If you do not like a position that he likes, then be patient, let him enjoy it. Then he will have a desire to answer you in kind and do what gives you pleasure.

5. Do not chat in bed

Women love to chat, especially when they are overwhelmed with emotion. For men, this is very distracting in the process of intimacy. Don’t pester your partner with questions about whether he loves you, whether he likes you, what he values ​​you for when he is focused on sex. If he is silent during sex, this does not mean that he is callous and indifferent to you. About a hundred and he was thinking about something else.

6. Do not run to the shower immediately after sex

The aftertaste moment after sex is very important. Do not spoil it with an emergency shower or pulling on your clothes. Lie with a man after the climax, hug, tell me how you liked everything and how unforgettable it was. You still have time to throw away a condom, dry yourself with napkins or take water treatments. Otherwise, your partner will think that you want to quickly get rid of traces of proximity , as it is unpleasant for you.
The key to sexual relations is complete reciprocity and understanding. If you take into account the preferences of a man, he will also try to please you qualitatively. Do not be selfish in bed, and bright sex is guaranteed to you.

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