5 consequences of abstinence for women

Sex in a person’s life plays an important role, affecting his mood, well-being and even life expectancy. Intimacy makes us healthier, happier and more resilient to stress . But circumstances do not always allow for a regular sex life. If you do not have a suitable partner, conditions, time for sex, or there are other, for example, religious reasons, then abstinence will undoubtedly affect your physical and emotional state. How exactly depends on the individual characteristics of the person: age, temperature, state of health.


First of all, you will notice a change in sexual desire. There are two possible options: someone loses interest in sex during abstinence, and someone, on the contrary, shows increased attention to it. The first category of people begin to lose sexual attraction, feel depressed, apathetic and simply forget about sex. Others, on the contrary, are fixated on sexual desire, are constantly in an agitated state, constantly thinking about intimacy.

Uterine health

Lack of sex can weaken the walls of the uterus, particularly during menopause. Resuming sexual intercourse after this can be very painful. Doctors insist that women of age have sex regularly, as this increases blood circulation in the pelvic area and is the prevention of stagnation. 


A person is so arranged that touching the body of another person calms him down and fills him with happiness at the subconscious level. This explains the influence of sex on our psychological state. Good hormones – oxytocin and endorphins – play an important role in this process . When you are deprived of the possibility of regular intimacy, it instantly reflects on your emotional background. You may feel sad, depressed , irritated, melancholy.

Lack of lubrication

With age, the level of estrogen in a woman’s body decreases sharply, the walls of the uterus are depleted and less lubricant is released during intercourse. This problem is rare in young people, so it is very important to have regular sex after menopause. This will slow down the aging processes in the body and will keep the skin elastic and healthy.

Menstrual pain

Doctors have repeatedly noted that sexual intimacy can have an analgesic effect, in part during menstruation. This is a completely understandable process: during orgasm, the uterus contracts, like any muscle, which contributes to a more rapid excretion of blood. By depriving yourself of sex, you run the risk of experiencing more intense pain on critical days.
All the phenomena caused by lack of sex are not long-term, so at any time you can resume your activity without fear of the consequences. Even after prolonged abstinence, your body will not lose the ability to make physical contact, so do not worry or complex .

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