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8 bed mistakes

Intimacy involves not only physical satisfaction of needs, but also an unforgettable extravaganza of feelings. But sex does not always bring the expected emotions, and there may be several reasons for this.

1. You imitate movie characters 

Do not forget that cinema is not only the result of the work of actors. This is also the director’s fantasy, and the painstaking work of the editor, etc. In order for an intimate scene to look realistic on the screen, the actors have to repeat the same take several times. Remember that at this moment they are working, not enjoying, so relax and have fun, and do not think about how it will look from the outside.

2. You are afraid to talk about this topic 

Are you ashamed? Are intimate topics taboo for you? In vain. If you cannot overcome this internal psychological barrier, your partner will remain in the dark about your preferences and fantasies. Do not deprive a man of the opportunity to please you. Talk to him and know how to hear him.

3. You take off your socks 

It turns out that most partners, having sex in socks, feel more secure, so they can completely relax and get maximum satisfaction. Try it, maybe it will change the way you think about sex if you allow yourself and your partner to do it in socks.

4. You are unsure of yourself 

It is clear that you know all your pros and cons like no one else. Sometimes, at the most crucial moment, you are scared that your partner will see your shortcomings, and you begin to complex . Stop before it’s too late. Remember that when passion is boiling between you and the degree of lust has reached the limit, your partner does not care how many extra pounds you have and where your scar is after surgery.

5. You do not take into account the preferences of the partner 

Every person is different. One of the biggest mistakes you make is assuming that your partner loves the same thing as you and enjoys the game as well. Even if you have been together for many years, talk to your chosen one. Perhaps it will be a discovery for you that he has completely different desires and addictions from yours.

6. You get hung up on awkward moments.   

Everyone has awkward situations during intimacy: funny sounds, unsuccessful postures, falls, etc. If you react sharply to such incidents, then you knock the whole mood for yourself and your partner. In such cases, try either not to pay attention to such incidents , or to translate everything into a joke.

7. you cultivate an orgasm 

Intimacy doesn’t have to end with orgasm. Many couples use foreplay, sex play, touching, and stimulating dialogue simply to gain emotional pleasure, self-esteem, and sexual significance.

8. You tend to be monotonous. 

Remember, sex is monotonous, especially for couples. It’s like eating scrambled eggs for a long time. Sooner or later, you will want different gastronomic sensations. If you do not add other dishes to the menu, the man may get bored with the monotonous ration , and he will lose his appetite for you.
As you can see, there are enough reasons for dissatisfaction in bed, and all of them can be corrected if desired. There is little left to do, to understand what does not suit you personally, and what are the ways to solve the problem.

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