Why 30-year-old women are sexier

Young ladies who have not reached the age of twenty consider thirty-year-old women to be ancient old women who should sit at home and knit socks. They do not even suspect that it is at this age that the fairer sex reaches the peak of their sexuality and become dangerous rivals for them.

You know your body well

It is by the age of 30 that you have accumulated enough experience and have perfectly studied your body. You know all your most sensitive places (erogenous zones), what exactly gives you the maximum pleasure, how the chosen one should behave, etc. An important fact is that you, pushing the complexes into the background, learned to accept your body with all its advantages and disadvantages.

You are not afraid of pregnancy and health problems

You have become an adult woman and even if you have not yet acquired a husband and children, such a prospect does not scare you at all. Therefore, instead of controlling the man’s ejaculation process, you relax and set off on a journey through the waves of intimate pleasure. Moreover, you already have a sufficient baggage of knowledge and think about precautions in advance. Even if misfires do occur, you know what action to take in a given situation.

You take care of your pleasure

At a young age, the energy from you is in full swing. When we reach the age of majority, we, as a rule, are engaged in a career, arranging our personal life, giving birth and raising children, etc. But after 30, there is time to think about yourself. Finally, there is every opportunity to devote more time and attention to yourself, shake up the relationship and spend more time with your chosen one in the bedroom.

You allow yourself to experiment

The time of youthful modesty and modesty has passed. Curiosity takes over. You are ready to try sex toys, role-playing games, and other experiments. Moreover, sex in the traditional form has already become boring, and so new emotions and sensations will arise.

You really look at life

Dreams of fairy-tale princes are inherent in young ladies. Over the years, the woman realizes that she is not Cinderella, and stops looking at life through the prism of “rose-colored glasses”. Therefore, you agree to a relationship not with a fairy-tale hero, but with a real person. This means that your desires and expectations, including sexual ones , become feasible.

You talk to your partner about sex.

At 30, you no longer blush or fall into a stupor when it comes to sex. This means that you can lucidly and culturally discuss with your partner all the issues that bother you. After all, when you know what the chosen one wants, it is much easier to get maximum satisfaction.

You are harmoniously developed

A woman becomes truly sexually attractive when she achieves harmony in physical and psychological development, and also gains sufficient life experience. Physically, the female body completes its formation by the age of 20. But at this age we are still psychologically unstable and insufficiently experienced. Scientists have determined that 30 is the ideal age for a woman, when she is already wise, experienced and established as a person who knows what she wants and how to achieve it.
We hope you are now convinced that 30 years is exactly the age when we become very attractive and desirable for men. After all, stupid stereotypes, unfounded fears and empty expectations are in the past, and the most delightful time has come to enjoy life.

event_note March 19, 2021

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