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How to help a man cum

Unfortunately, it so happens that a man cannot reach a logical ending in bed, and no one is to blame for this! There are many reasons for this, and your inability or unattractiveness has nothing to do with it. Women tend to self-flagellate and take the blame for failures in sex on themselves. But this is a useless and harmful activity. It is better to try to help your partner get the orgasm you want, and there are quite effective methods for this .


If you feel that your man cannot cum, then you should not continue the process. It will not bring results, but just the opposite – it will exhaust you both. Take the initiative, literally and figuratively. Move on to caress the penis with your hands. Make forward movements, while pulling back the foreskin of the penis. Be as gentle and accurate as possible. Such caresses will speed up a man’s orgasm if done correctly.

Pay attention to the bridle

Surely you know what a bridle is and where it is located. To speed up the desired ending for a man, stimulate this small scar, which is hidden in the foreskin at the bottom of the head of the penis. The bridle is very sensitive, so feel free to use this property of it, caressing it with your tongue or hands. The only thing to consider is the lubricant. Do not stimulate the bridle when the head is dry, otherwise you may not cause an orgasm, but pain in your partner.


Visual imagery can excite a man to the highest point, so let him enjoy the picture of your self-satisfaction. Masturbate in front of your partner, and he will definitely not remain indifferent, and you – without the well-deserved pleasure.

Apply crunches

Caressing a man’s penis, rotate with your head or hands. This has a very exciting effect on the partner. During the process, you can simultaneously pay attention to the testicles – in the aggregate, such caresses are able to bring a man to orgasm. 

Use his individual preferences

You probably know something personal about your man’s sexual preferences. We all have similar secrets and oddities. Someone reaches the peak of bliss from harsh words from the lips of a loved one during sex, for someone striptease or classical music is enough for this. Use these trump cards to help your partner come. But let it be not often, but only at moments of extreme necessity , so as not to fill asku .
Don’t let a man panic and become discouraged if he hasn’t been able to reach the ending in bed. It happens to everyone? We are not machines, and nothing human is alien to us. Nervous tension, fatigue, illness – all this affects the quality of sexual life. Maybe a vacation or a weekend together can fix the problem with ease. If it is repeated regularly, then hurry up for a consultation with a doctor. 

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