What to do to prevent sex from becoming boring

If you began to notice that your sexual passions with a regular partner began to lose their sharpness and originality – immediately save the situation, because bored and monotonous sex can cause not only cooling of relations, but also their breakup. Reject the theory that “a leftist strengthens marriage” right away – this strategy will not lead to anything good, but experienced specialists will tell you what steps to take so that sex always remains like the first time .

Talk about sex more often

This topic should be addressed not only in the bedroom, but also outside it. Share your erotic dreams, desires, dreams with your partner more often. Just do not start long conversations directly during the intimate process – you will interrupt all the mood and excitement. Look for the right moments or create them yourself: let’s say after a working day in the bathroom with candles and or at a romantic dinner.   

Prepare for a passionate night in the morning

When your entire sexual intercourse takes 5 minutes (and this is with foreplay!), You can safely panic – this is a sure way to routine sex, termination of intimate life or infidelity. The prelude should start in the morning! An intriguing look, hints, flirting via SMS and other exciting moments should warm up both partners to the desired degree by evening so that the sex itself is bright and sparkling. 

Encourage initiative

Even if at the moment you do not really want sex, and your partner flirts and inclines you to intimacy, do not refuse! Firstly, the initiative must be supported and encouraged in every possible way, and secondly, this can turn out to be a good impromptu. Appetite, too, sometimes does not come immediately, but already in the process of eating.

Add sexuality to household chores

Don’t turn into a tortured and unkempt housewife when you do your housework. It kills your sexuality, your beauty and your man’s desire at the same time. Why not do the cleaning or washing the dishes in this apron or T-shirt, under which there is no underwear ?! After all, you can accidentally splash water on your chest or accidentally touch your husband’s thigh, wiping the dust, erotically bend over or bend over, washing the floors.  

Shoot a video

It has been proven over and over that watching videos starring you and your partner together acts as a very powerful aphrodisiac . Make sexually explicit “home movies” and watch it from time to time. Come up with new scenarios and images for yourself and your beloved man. This cinematic game will never get bored, and the effect will always be overwhelming.
Do not look for new experiences on the side – create them with your regular partner, and this will allow you to keep the novelty and freshness of the relationship as in the first months of acquaintance. The routine is not scary for those couples who work on themselves and are constantly looking for new facets in each other.

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