10 little-known facts about sex

Gone are the days when the topic of sex was banned. The era of the sexual revolution has arrived. People began to openly discuss the intimate relationship of a man and a woman. It was thanks to this emancipation that some facts of sexual relations became known, to which no one had previously paid attention.

1. Sport is a faithful ally of sex 

It turns out that physical activity increases the level of the hormone “testosterone”, which is responsible for pleasure. You should not be offended by the chosen one if, contrary to your wishes, he went for a run or to the gym. Be patient, wait for him to return and drag him into the bedroom. Do not miss the moment for perfect sex and enchanting pleasure. Moreover, sex in tandem with training is one of the most effective overweight fighters.

2. Good is delivered in a small but high-speed parcel 

Did you know that sperm cells have a good memory and excellent speed ability. So one unit of male semen stores 37.5 MB of information about the DNA of its carrier and is capable of speeds up to 45 km / h.

3. Eggs are responsible for sexual appetite 

Every woman, from time to time, there come such moments when you madly want sex, and no matter where, when and with whom. Do not be afraid. You are not crazy and do not become a depraved woman. The egg is just ripe, and the moment of ovulation has come. These processes are laid down by nature and you can’t get away from them. In this way, the body signals that it is time to fertilize the egg.

4. Food and drink are natural aphrodisiacs 

One of the most powerful aphrodisiacs for men is pumpkin. If you want to awaken an irresistible desire in him, offer him drinks or treats made from pumpkin. Instead of coffee, for example, you can quench your thirst with pumpkin latte . Eat apples every day to increase your own libido and prevent sexual dysfunction. Stock up on chocolate for a romantic evening. This delicious product is able to increase not only your sex drive, but also your partner. 

5. Caressing nipples, you can reach orgasm faster 

Each person has several erogenous zones, when stimulated, he gets great pleasure and a more sparkling orgasm. But did you know that the main such area is the nipples? When a man caresses your breasts, it causes the walls of the vagina to contract and oxytocin is released, which contributes to increased sensitivity. Do not forget that stimulating your partner’s nipples will give him no less pleasure.

6. Crocodile droppings were used as a contraceptive 

A very interesting fact from our ancestors. Did you know that the ancient Greeks used crocodile droppings as a means to help prevent unwanted pregnancies? Contemporaries are still at a loss as to how they found out. However, you can rest assured that today this tool has lost its relevance.

7. Facts about the clitoris 

Have you ever wondered why the female orgasm is so much longer and brighter than the male? This is because the clitoris is the concentration of nerve endings (about 8,000). In the male reproductive organ, there are no more than 4,000 of them.  

8. Orgasm shuts off the brain 

Did you know that during orgasm, a woman’s amygdala turns off in her brain, and she is no longer able to think or control the movements of her body. If at the most crucial moment you notice that your beautiful head is clogged with extraneous thoughts, it is a sure signal that it is time to make changes either in the technique, or in general to look for another partner.

9. Income matters 

Scientists have conducted research and found that men whose girlfriends earn more are prone to erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, an active sex life contributes to the growth of a person’s productivity. Therefore, do not get depressed, be more active in bed, and you will increase your chances of expressing yourself at work.

10. Excess weight is a plus 

It turns out that overweight people are capable of longer sexual pleasures. And all because for a longer time they have a process of ejaculation.
You think you know everything about sex. However, practice shows the opposite. The more we watch films, read books, study scientific literature, the more we understand that we know practically nothing about this spicy sphere of life.

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