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How to prepare for anal sex

Over time, sexual partners begin to experiment in bed and try to diversify their intimate relationships in every possible way. In this matter, all means and methods are good. More and more experienced lovers are thinking about anal sex. But it is necessary to prepare very carefully for such experiments in order to avoid injuries and unpleasant incidents.

Proper preparation 

1. A woman needs to be in an extreme degree of arousal before such sex; 2. Decide in advance on the most comfortable position for you; 3. Make sure that at the right time you have grease at hand; 4. The day before the planned sexual intercourse, it is not advisable to eat easily digestible food; 5. A certain hygiene (enema) before the act will preserve your health and relieve unnecessary fears; 6. Pre-massage will not hurt to stretch the walls of the anus; 7. Stock up on special intimate devices to prepare for intercourse; 8. Provide yourself and your partner with moral preparation and the right attitude before sex; 9. It is worth taking care of pain relievers.

Details and features 

• Lubrication 

It should be a special lubricant with a tip for a deeper injection of the lubricant, or even regular petroleum jelly. The main thing is that the grease is thick, on a fatty or silicone base – this will ensure long and good sliding. When using a condom or toys, water-based lubricants are recommended. It is desirable that the agent has an anti-inflammatory effect. You can apply the lubricant both to the partner’s penis and to the woman’s sphincter. Do not use fatty creams, soap solutions and oils. 


• Hygiene 

First of all, it is necessary to empty the intestines by all available means. After the enema, thoroughly wash the anus using mild detergents. A relaxing warm bath is then advisable. As a last resort, it is permissible to use sanitary napkins. If you can not put a full enema, get a micro-enema ” microlax ” with a mild laxative effect or “anal shower” in a specialty store. 


• Special training and adaptations 

If this is your first sexual experience, it is advisable to prepare in advance for maximum comfort and pleasure. Massage your anus daily with your fingers, use special tapered plugs and, of course, watch instructional videos. There are many opinions that it is best to have anal sex after a woman has an orgasm. 

• Pain reliever 

Using pain relievers will relieve unpleasant pain, but at the same time, it will reduce pleasure. In addition, when sensitivity decreases, a woman may not notice the moment of injury and not take the necessary measures. 

• Possible negative consequences 

Of the most common injuries sustained during anal sex are cracks and small ruptures of blood vessels. If these injuries are ignored, more serious problems and complications are possible. For many, anal sex causes unjustified fears and prejudices. But if you properly prepare for the process, you can get an unforgettable experience. In addition, men like this type of sex very much, so the partner will be incredibly happy and satisfied. Or maybe both of you. 

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