Inconvenient questions about sex

In our intimate life, we are often faced with such delicate questions that we do not know where to turn to. The topic is so piquant that it cannot be discussed with friends or qualified doctors. Today we will try to consider a number of such problematic points in order to clarify the situation , if possible .

Is it possible to determine by eye how many men a woman had? 

Among the female representatives, there is an opinion that as soon as a new partner appears in their bed, he will instantly know how experienced a woman is in sex. Do not worry, it is only by the rings on the felling of the tree that it is possible to calculate how old it is. Your vagina does not have the ability to expand depending on the number of partners. And if you yourself do not let it out about the number of men with whom you had intimacy, it is unlikely that yours will be able to find out. 

Can a partner simulate an orgasm? 

Oddly enough, it will sound, but “yes” – men do sometimes imitate orgasm. According to a 2016 survey, one of the American publications published shocking data – thirty percent of the male population at least once in their life simulated an orgasm in bed. By the way, 230 people (that is, men) took part in the survey. 

How often can you masturbate? 

Self-gratification is a very effective way to relieve sexual tension. Psychologists and sexologists all over the world unanimously trumpet that there can be no harm from this activity, only benefit. Despite this, some ladies worry that there is a possibility of overdoing it. We hasten to reassure you and reassure you: you can masturbate as much as your body wants. The main condition for you to be satisfied, happy and satisfied.  

Is it really advisable to visit the toilet after intercourse? 

No one is immune from genitourinary infections. And gynecologists really advise you to go to the toilet after sexual intercourse. So you can take on arms, and already on reasonable rights, every time after sex, run to the toilet. 

During intercourse, the vagina ” farts “. What to do? 

You have the most crucial moment – you are desperately experimenting with new poses, and suddenly a treacherous sound escapes from you! Usually a girl is ready to sink into the ground at such moments. But there is nothing terrible and unnatural in this. This is just the physiology of our body. The air that was in the vagina burst out with the next new position. There is no need to apologize and be upset, but laughing at this situation together is quite appropriate.  

I prefer anal sex. This is normal? 

We hasten to please you – you are the dream of almost every guy. There is nothing unnatural in this, it is not considered a deviation. These are your pers

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