7 basic emotional needs in a relationship that will bring you closer to your partner

Regardless of how long your relationship with your partner lasts, there are several important aspects that will help you get even closer and, as they say, feel that you are really “on the same wavelength.” Otherwise, you face inevitable parting and another search for a suitable gentleman.

Sense of security and trust

Every person wants to feel safe, next to his partner. It is very important to protect your feelings (and your loved ones), support each other, and, of course, trust, and not check your chosen one for any reason. After all, you see, few people want to continue the relationship in which he feels uncomfortable or that humiliate him in one way or another.

Ability to not report all your actions

Total control has not benefited anyone yet. Therefore, no matter how much you are jealous of your chosen one, just remember that among many candidates she chose you and give him a little more freedom. Otherwise, at some point, your partner will get tired of the fact that he needs almost every minute to “send you a report” and find the one with which he will be much easier and more comfortable.

The feeling that you are heard and understood

It would seem that it is difficult to listen to your partner and, if he needs it, to give valuable advice or to provide all possible assistance. However, according to psychologists, very many married couples turn to them with this very problem. They assure that the second half does not understand them and, what is most sad, does not even want to hear and delve into their problems or experiences. Therefore, try to give your chosen one to speak out and show that you are really interested in what is happening in his life (apart from you, of course). And then your partner will also begin to show great interest in everything that happens to you.

The ability to communicate with those with whom you want

Another emotional need is to choose a social circle depending on your interests, and not one that your second half imposes on you. Surely, you also came across the fact that at some certain moment you are beginning to gently inspire that you are surrounded by unworthy people, so you do not need to maintain relationships with them. And, as if by chance, they say that the friends of your partner are more worthy of friendship with them. And there seems to be no ultimatums, however you will not have time to look back, as you lose your own friends, preferring to them the environment of your faithful. Psychologists, by the way, remind you that you cannot completely dissolve in a partner, as if living his life. Otherwise, you just become not interested and you will quickly find a replacement. Therefore, as soon as you begin to understand what is dictated to you, who you can be friends with, and who you don’t, try to calmly but confidently explain that you have your own interests and they do not interfere with your relationship (on the contrary, they make them even more interesting ).

The ability to develop and improve

Many women, barely having received a marriage certificate, immediately agreed to persuade the faithful to quit their job (hobbies and so on) and fully devote themselves to maintaining home comfort. And if at the very beginning of the relationship, they even morally supported the spouse, who for the sake of this refused some perspectives, over time they were annoyed by the fact that they “provide for the family while she is constantly at home”. And, alas, they lose all interest in their second half. Therefore, do not give up your own plans for the sake of others and engage in self-development.

Feeling of intimacy and passion

Everyone wants to feel welcome and understand that you are worrying your partner, as before. And if suddenly the feeling of intimacy passes, the intimate life leaves much to be desired, and you increasingly look around, then, alas, such a relationship is doomed. To prevent this from happening, try to surprise your chosen one as often as possible, arrange romantic surprises for him and admit to him your feelings. After all, women, for example, love with their ears, and if they do not hear compliments from their loved one, they will look for them on the side (this, of course, is not about cheating, but about flirting). Therefore, often flirt with his wife and let her understand that she is for you the one and only. The same goes for ladies. If you constantly “saw” your beloved, without mentioning that he is still the most beloved and desired for you, then do not be surprised that one day he will simply collect his things and leave.

Sense of value and value

As soon as partners are no longer proud of each other’s achievements (no matter how significant they are for others), this may indicate coldness in relationships and indifference. After all, a person, if he really loves, is impressed by everything that his second half is doing and he is ready to tell others about it. Therefore, do not forget to remind your chosen one that you appreciate him and be proud of his merits. Believe that it really matters to him.

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