Disadvantages of a millionaire man, or Why is it so difficult to get along with “rich Buratino”

Psychologists say that there is nothing wrong with women trying to find a worthy party and consider exclusively wealthy men as a life partner.

We have a friend who, although he does not advertise his well-being, but he can definitely compete with those who occupy the leading positions in Forbes. And although we must pay tribute to him, after all, he earned his whole fortune by his work, but he sometimes behaves not quite as we think men of his level must behave: he will launch black caviar at the waiters, then he will scatter tips restaurant, then rush past his car, the cost of which is equal to the annual budget of some small African country, in the night capital, ignoring signs, numbers on the speedometer and common sense. We hoped that when he met a decent girl, he immediately came to his senses and began to behave more restrained, but it was not there. It turned out that the wife just got no less: then she accidentally touched his super cool car with her purse, she didn’t look at him like that (she didn’t meet / didn’t meet / give the wrong dish) and so on. Yes, and the birth of children has not smoothed the situation: he still expresses his displeasure for any reason, and she is only trying to adjust to his rhythm of life, so as not to heat up the situation once again. We, frankly, were simply amazed – this is how much a person should have patience, since she calmly perceived all his eccentricities and presented two charming heirs, in which he doesn’t love and indulge, unlike his other half. She somehow thought about how to get away from him, but then eventually changed her mind. “For the sake of the kids, I will try to save the family,” said the lady, who did not work in life, concisely, creating comfort for her faithful and raising their children together.

We, together with psychologists, decided to find out the main points (character traits), which clearly indicate that wealthy men are not always a worthy party and life with them is not at all sugar.

“Only I know how to be right”

The so-called “complex of God” is inherent in the majority of very rich men. It seems to them that if they managed to achieve such success in business, then in other spheres of activity they also have no equal. In other words, although they say that they are ready for dialogue and react adequately to criticism, they only do what they consider necessary and actively impose their opinions on others. Perhaps at some point you simply get bored with the fact that you actually do not have the right to vote and accept the rules of the game that your faithful are dictating to you.

“All mine is only mine.”

It is only at first glance it seems that a rich husband will shower you with gold and fulfill all your whims. In fact, it turns out that such men are still meaners who count every penny. And it is even harder for them to ask themselves for some expensive thing, because they, like no one else, know the price of money and understand that they can be spent on something more substantial than the next knickknack that you soon get tired of. They have a definite idea that they should have people around them “read” the information correctly, but they are not ready to pay for anything more that is not on this list. The only thing they will not spare money for is comfort and a good education (for themselves and their children, of course).

“No PR”

In most cases, these wealthy individuals try once again not to “shine” in order not to attract attention. We do not mean a gossip, where they also try to appear as rarely as possible, but social networks, where it is customary to show themselves (and their lives) for show. These men are quite enough real communication to spend their time, which is sorely lacking, to empty the dust in the eyes of virtual comrades. Yes, and brag about their well-being in the Internet, too, is not tempting. Another thing at private events in the circle of the same wealthy people.

“First work, and then intimate life”

Connecting your life with a millionaire, be prepared for the fact that romanticism and sexual pleasures will not be his priority. In other words, he can only show the “upper class” in bed when the company makes a profit, the partners fulfilled their obligations on time, the stock market did not collapse, the favorite football team did not lose, and so on. His mood will change with the speed of light and, accordingly, you will have to adapt to your faithful. So, for example, as in the case of our hero, the desire for him was found only once a week and only in the early morning – before he had time to open the smartphone and read the news bulletin. At other times, it was useless to seduce and motivate – the wife had to come to terms with this oddity, if she wanted to save the family. It is amazing how with such an approach she managed to give him heirs in general, but the head of the family was comfortable with just such an arrangement, and the rest could either accept it or leave his life.

“My time is expensive”

Ladies wealthy men have long been accustomed to, that for them in the first place will always be a career and position in society, and then the family. They will literally disappear from work for days, just to earn another million or not to lose the state that he currently has. Competitors are not asleep, so your faithful will have to constantly solve something and wander around on business trips, leaving you (and your children, respectively) in the care of nannies, housekeepers and other assistants. And, perhaps, at the very beginning of family life, it will even be interesting for you, but then you will realize that being married, but always feeling lonely is not what you expected when you agreed to marry such a business and busy person.

“Tell me how your day went.”

Believe me, such men ask such questions not out of idle interest, it is really important for them to understand that you have not done anything that at some point can ruin their career and deprive of status. Therefore, they are asked to tell you what you did during the day, almost by the minute.Warned, as you know, it means armed. And such people can figure out a few moves ahead in order to be able to turn everything in their favor in case of an unforeseen situation. In addition, they are still jealous – even the slightest excuse will be enough for your faithful to become a real Othello, inventing a sophisticated version of revenge for the guilty wife. Therefore, as they say, it is better not to run up.

“Do you remember who you were before me?”

But this is perhaps a blow below the belt – to remind the lady about what happened in her life before she agreed to marry a decent (in all senses) person. And this same man will not miss the opportunity to remind his dearest wife that she should, in principle, be grateful to him for the luxurious life that he has provided for her. It does not matter that most women perceive this luxury as a kind of golden cage where they cannot feel free and happy. All that is required of them by such men is to create the illusion of family well-being and idyll.

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