Aphrodisiacs: nutrition to enhance sexual desire

Human nutrition is not only a necessary element of survival and recuperation. As you know, some products can have a specific effect on the body. These include aphrodisiacs – substances found in foods, oils, and flavors that help increase libido in men and women. What you need to know about them? How to correctly enter into the diet of these components to obtain the desired result?

What are aphrodisiac products and what is their role in human nutrition?

Mankind has long known properties of certain foods of animal and vegetable origin, which contribute to increased sexual arousal. This food was called “aphrodisiacs” in honor of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, patronizing love.

It should be borne in mind that aphrodisiacs have only a slight exciting effect, they are not able to deprive a person of control over themselves. After all, the human individual is a complex combination of the characteristics of the organism, character, thinking, willpower, inclination to suggestion, and many other qualities that are responsible for the emergence and strength of the manifestation of sexual attraction to the opposite sex. In this way,   a diet in which aphrodisiacs are present can only increase the attraction to the opposite sex, and not create it from scratch.

The direct connection between sexual arousal and the sense of smell of man has been scientifically proven. Therefore, in addition to food, you should pay attention to aphrodisiacs oil, which can be used when conducting a relaxing massage (add to used massage means), aromatherapy, bathing (it is recommended to add a few drops directly to bathing water).

Do aphrodisiacs in the diet of men affect the strengthening of their potency?

In order to properly combine food and sex, which will always be the most popular occupations, it is necessary to pay attention to aphrodisiac products. After all, even the most balanced diet can be made to work to increase libido by introducing these special components into it.

Scientists have found that many men from adolescence to old age have certain sexual problems. The reasons may be existing or past diseases, stress, adverse environmental factors, etc.

Is it possible to improve male   potency, offering new dishes enriched with aphrodisiacs, or is it a myth? It has long been proven that food containing zinc (contained in large quantities, for example, strawberries), contributes to an increase in the level of testosterone responsible for sexual arousal. Therefore, it is safe to say that the properties of food, which is classified as aphrodisiacs, have a scientifically confirmed rationale.

What are the substances contained in aphrodisiac products, you need to pay attention to increase male libido? These primarily include:

  • Zinc.

This trace element is involved not only in the production of testosterone, sperm production, but also in the proper formation of primary and secondary sexual characteristics. In large quantities, it is found in foods such as meat, nuts, seafood, oysters. However, the abuse of alcoholic beverages, coffee and smoking “flush” zinc from the body, therefore, to enhance the effect of the new food system, they should be excluded.

  • Selenium.

This trace element is needed to increase sperm motility and the onset of erection. In order to get enough of it into the body, it is necessary to ensure that red fish is regularly present in the men’s diet.

  • Magnesium.

This trace element is involved in the synthesis of male sex hormones, and also contributes to the development of the hormone of joy (dopamine), which is necessary to create the desired emotional state. Its sources are bananas, avocados, seeds, nuts and legumes.

  • Vitamin E.

It is considered to be a “love vitamin”. After all, vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, contributes to a set of muscle strength and enhances erection. Valuable sources of this vitamin are almonds and vegetable oils.

  • Vitamin C.

Takes an active part in the production of androgens (male sex hormones), increasing the male sex drive. To compensate for the lack of this vitamin can be with the help of citrus, wild rose and leafy greens.

  • Amino acid L-arginine.

Its deficiency in the body can lead to impaired blood circulation in the male genital organs, as well as weak erection. The sources of this acid are nuts and sesame.

What foods belong to aphrodisiacs and what is their impact on the human body?

Cooking is almost always a routine process. However, it is quite possible to change the approach to this activity, and then food will turn into a fascinating prelude to a passionate and romantic evening. It is enough to skillfully introduce aphrodisiacs into the diet and increase sexual interest will be provided!

What foods belong to aphrodisiacs and what is their impact on   body   man? These traditionally include:

  • Strawberry.

Perhaps the most famous aphrodisiac product. Sweet taste, aroma and shape in the form of a heart attract attention to it. But do not forget about its benefits, because strawberries are a source of substances responsible for testosterone production, spermatogenesis and the correct formation of sexual characteristics in men.

  • Avocado.

This product was valued for its unique properties during the time of the Aztecs. Already then his ability to increase the sexual desire of men was known. The scientific explanation for this fact is quite simple – the substances in its composition contribute to an increase in testosterone levels.

  • Banana.

The use of this fruit also contributes to the development of male sex hormones. Do not forget about the specific “phallic” form of a banana, which may possibly affect the human subconscious, increasing the attraction to the opposite sex.

  • Chilli.

This is perhaps the hottest of aphrodisiacs. Its action on the body is caused by the reaction, the substance ( capsaicin ) that is part of its composition , which helps to improve blood circulation and stimulate the nervous system.

  • Chocolate.

An ideal product to increase libido, perfectly combined with other aphrodisiac products (strawberries, banana). Dark chocolate is known for its ability to boost mood and improve potency.

  • Honey.

This thick and sweet product is another example of a classic aphrodisiac. Honey contains nitrous oxide, released during arousal, so it is recommended to add it to dishes for a romantic dinner.

  • Oysters.

Plate with oysters – a traditional dish of a romantic evening. A distinctive feature of this food is the high content of amino acids involved in the production of sex hormones.

  • Salmon.

Fatty Polyunsaturated Acids Contained in Salmon   omega-3   also contribute to the development of sex hormones and make this variety of fish one of the most popular aphrodisiacs.

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