Butt plug for a beginner. Simple selection tips

Which first plug to choose? Which shape and size do you like more? What to look for when buying? Simple tips for choosing a butt plug. Recommendations that will help to quickly determine and get the most of pleasant feelings.

What is the difference between butt plugs for beginners?

There are special butt plugs for beginners. These are models with a minimum diameter . Some are not thicker than a finger. And this allows you to completely inject a sex toy into the body. At the same time, such plugs often bend well in order to adapt to the shape of the body and not to put too much pressure on the intestinal wall. You do not need to expect a feeling of expansion or heaviness from such models, they are just for acquaintance with anal caresses.

Butt plug shape

An anus plug is not created for translational movements. It is introduced into the body and left there. Therefore, there is a submersible part and a narrow leg . The introduction gives a slight expansion, but then between the sphincretra is only a leg. The submersible part is a cone. It can be long or short, embossed or smooth. Smooth toys are better suited for the first experiments, but the sensation from them is less. The drawing on the surface massages the body better , gives more pleasant experiences. 


What form should a beginner choose?

You need to focus on size, not shape. You can choose the option with convex details, the introduction will be more interesting. This is suitable for those who are not afraid of anal caresses, looking for an extension of sensations. For those who think that anal pain hurts, they need a smooth surface.

Do not choose a cork very long. Size up to 14 cm will be optimal. In this case, the submersible part will be much smaller, no need to be afraid of such a figure.  

First cork material

The ideal material for anal toys is not porous. It should not absorb anything from the surrounding space or retain odors. It should be convenient to wash. Silicone is suitable for this description . It is easy to care for and lasts a long time. Metal models can also please a beginner. They can be warmed or cooled before use by dropping into the water at the right temperature. Such plugs last for a very long time, sometimes several decades, while they look very impressive. 


Is vibration needed?

The presence of vibration greatly expands the sensations. Fluctuations give unusual sensations that are difficult to evoke in another way. With a vibrating plug, sex becomes completely different. But at the same time, such a function at times increases the cost of models.

If you know for sure that you will use a cork, buy a model with vibration. If you still have doubts , choose the option without additional hesitation. 

Ideal for a beginner

A good traffic jam is interesting, but you can choose not one thing, but several at once. A set of butt plugs is an opportunity to try different models without extra costs. Some sets are cheaper than single items.

In a set from 2 to 5 different traffic jams from one manufacturer. Most often they are of different shapes or sizes. The kit is cheaper than the components included in it separately. And with it, it will turn out to find the optimal size and shape, so that later you can acquire the following sex toys. 

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