Exciting lubricant and exciting cream – is there a difference?

There are many exciting cosmetics on sale today. They act directly on erogenous zones, give an effect no worse than tablets. But what to choose? How to figure out which drug is suitable? What is the difference between a cream and a lubricant, and what will be more useful during masturbation and in double sex?

Types of exciting cosmetic products

To enhance sensations during sex, drugs for arousal are used. Different options are available:

  • For men. They help to cause an erection, increase arousal. Give an effect that lasts up to 40 minutes. 
  • For women. Activate sensitive endings in delicate areas, each touch seems more intense. They help to get aroused faster and achieve orgasm. Sometimes it helps to experience multiple pleasures. 
  • For couples. They increase blood flow to the genitals, give new sensations from the usual actions. 

Drugs for the same sex are often creams. They are applied before sex to cause the desired effect. They are completely absorbed into the body.

Preparations for couples are often created in the form of a lubricant. It not only enhances the experience, but also makes the slide more smooth. The components are not absorbed into the body, but simply applied to the surface.

What to choose – cream or lubricant?

The cream can be applied imperceptibly before sexual intercourse. A man can do this for self-confidence, a woman for great experiences. If you need to hide the fact of use, then the ideal solution is a cream.

But the application of the drug can be turned into a game, made part of the foreplay. But with sex, you may also need a regular lubricant.

If you apply intimate cosmetics will be together, but the lubricant fits perfectly. She glides and excites. But it is important to understand that it can accelerate both, therefore it is not suitable for those who come to ejaculate too quickly.

How to use an exciting drug

There are a few simple rules that help you get the most out of your chosen remedy. Their implementation ensures safety and helps not to be disappointed:

  • Excitatory components begin to act not instantly. It takes 3 to 15 minutes to activate the composition. Therefore, a cream or lubricant is applied in advance. 
  • Almost all stimulant drugs can not be taken orally. Therefore, after application, do not agree to oral sex. Or you need to wash off the drug, and then taste the body. 
  • Condoms can be used with stimulating cosmetics. Cream or grease will not harm them. 
  • Before the first use, a sensitivity test is needed. A drop of the product is applied to the bend of the elbow and left for 2-3 hours. If there is no redness or itching, it can be used on the genitals. The test is done to all participants in sex. 
  • The amount of the drug affects perception. The package says how much it needs at one time. Increasing the dose can cause too much sensation. If so, rinse off with water. 

Not necessarily, but it is advisable to warn the partner about the use of an exciting cream if it affects him or her. A slight burning sensation, heat, or pulsation at the application site can scare the person.

Why do I need an exciting cream?

When do people most often resort to the use of stimulant drugs? There are some common points:

  • When they are afraid of an unstable erection. The cream has fewer contraindications than tablets, and the effect may be even better. 
  • When you want new sensations. Cosmetics allows you to try something new. And you can apply it not only together, but also alone when masturbating. 
  • When a woman does not have time to experience an orgasm. Then she needs a cream, but it is important to ensure that it does not get on the man’s body. Action is necessary for her to make things happen faster. 
  • When a man cannot cum. If there is excitement, but the finale does not come for a long time, a cream or lubricant helps to cross the line and experience your fireworks. 

Exciting cream is very useful for bright sex. Many options can be used with sex toys. This is a great way to diversify your proximity without serious cost.

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