Can impotence be laid in genes?

Scientists report that they have revealed the first evidence that erectile dysfunction may be of a genetic nature.

AT the study researchers analyzed data from hundreds of thousands of men and identified gene changes in   specific location of the human genome near the gene SIM1 , which is closely related to   increased risk of impotence.

” Identification of this locus SIM1 as a risk factor development of erectile dysfunction is significant because it provides evidence that there is a genetic component of the disease “, – noted the author of the study, Eric Jorgenson ( Eric Jorgenson ), scientist from Kaiser Hospital Research Permanentente Northern California , United States.

” Identification of the first genetic risk factor the occurrence of erectile dysfunction   – an exciting discovery, because it opens the door to researching new genetic therapies, ” – he added in hospital press release.

Erectile dysfunction is a common disease among older men and It has many causes of development, such as neurological, hormonal and vascular factors. There are treatments that target these factors, but many patients do not respond to of them.

It is believed that genetics plays a role in about one third of cases of erectile dysfunction, but this is the first time that researchers associate a specific genomic position with developmental disorder.

The research results are published on October 8 in magazine ” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences “.

By according to study co-author Dr. Hunter Wessels ( Hunter Wessells ), “ this study points to a new line of research for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, which could help us identify other key genetic variants that cause the disease, and   better understand the exact mechanisms with   through which they act . ” Wessels is a member of the Department of Urology, School of Medicine, University of Washington (University of Washington School of Medicine ), USA.

6 female errors with male impotence

It’s one thing when a little unstable turned out to be a secondary character in your bed. No one will judge if you don’t have intimate conversations with him, spare his self-esteem and   answer calls. Quite another thing – if erection problems have overtaken a man whom you quite seriously think of as his half, and the children call him dad. We believe humbly forget about sex forever you do not agree. We have collected all the scientific data on erectile dysfunction and realized that a woman should and should not do that wants to help her partner cope with intimate problems. WHO estimates that 150 million men worldwide suffer from erectile dysfunction.

To begin with, make sure that you are not dramatizing and that something is really wrong with your man. “The term erectile dysfunction, which physicians usually replace vulgar impotence, is clearly defined, – It the inability to achieve an erection or full sexual intercourse for three months in a row, regardless of the age of the man . Stress, discord in the family, injury or illness can be the reasons that a person cannot achieve an erection at a certain period of life or from time to time. But only if this condition lasts more than three months, it should be regarded as dysfunction. ”

If everything in your bedroom is exactly as the doctor describes, there is one reason for joy nonetheless: lethargy of the penises, whatever your reasons. ­title, perfectly treatable. The main problem, perhaps, in   to drag a man to the doctor. “I often see patients who, before being in my office, for years, and  then for decades lived with   erectile problems .   – Excuses are always standard: “It’s just stress, you need to relax – and   everything will pass, “” It is already too late for me to have sex, “” I do not want anyone to find out about my difficulties. ” Needless to say, over the years these men and their companions were not happy, although it would be possible to solve the problem thanks to modern methods of treatment at the first consultation. ” The conclusion suggests one: do not want to grow old in anticipation of the night of love – act, and rationally.

Error 1. Look for problems in his head.

Both you and 80% of men are sure that the lack of an erection has purely psychological reasons and it is enough to knock out a bigger salary (or marry a student, or go to Fiji), and everything will be fine in an instant. In fact, only 20% of cases require psychotherapy, and the vast majority of men suffer from trivial disorders in the vascular system, which   interfere with a full sex life. And the state of the vessels, alas, does not improve with a pole dance or a frank conversation.

Mistake 2. Blame It All

Every unsuccessful attempt to kick a man in   bed breeds complexes not only in his head. “I’m 28 already, of course, the old woman doesn’t excite him”, – bad thoughts about   even the most confident girls visit themselves. At such moments it is useful to remember that the abuse of alcohol and tobacco, the love of fatty foods and a sedentary lifestyle lead to impaired blood supply to the penis and, as a result, erectile problems. Only if you taught him to drink and be lazy, can you sprinkle ashes on your head.

Error 3. Blame the man for everything

Sex is especially good after an argument, but if the scandal itself broke out because of   sex, you can not count on   success. WITH   On the other hand, when the sex hormones seethe in the blood, and the discharge did not happen, I especially want to shout something evil, like: “I’m   knew: y   you have someone!That’s   piss off to her! “But it is better for you to keep silent: a man who cannot justify himself for helplessness is not   must be justified in treason. So, you know, not far from problems with   erection caused by psychogenic   factors.

Mistake 4. Refusing sex life

Inaction is detrimental to sexual health, and avoiding intimate contact for fear of disappointment is the worst thing to do. Deliver each other the pleasure of a man and   women, fortunately, can even with erection difficulties. In the end, the time of treatment can be a chance for a couple to try something new, show imagination and even revive an intimate life.

Error 5. Focus on sex

Podbivaya man consult with experts, do not focus attention on the fact that you are concerned about the lack of intimate life or your relationship yourself.From a medical point of view, erectile dysfunction is only a symptom of serious problems of the human vascular system and a signal that a stroke, heart attack and other deadly pathologies have already chosen their victim. Therefore, in a conversation it is more important to emphasize that you care about the health of a loved one, and an erection is so, ugh!

Error 6. Panic

Erectile dysfunction is curable in the overwhelming majority of cases, however, sometimes it takes time to select a method of treatment or concentration of drugs. Do not panic if an hour after the visit to   the doctor the man did not pounce on you wild beast,   – just in   once again support him in   difficult decision to discuss ­ give your problem with   a specialist.

Comment by a sexologist, psychotherapist:

” Erectile Dysfunction ­ tion   – only a symptom that will tell the specialist about somatic and    psychogenic human problems. And to diagnose the lack of an erection is as strange as, for example, a “rise in temperature” instead of “pneumonia.” If during masturbation, the degree of hardness is sufficient to enter and the patient at least sometimes has morning erections – this clearly confirms the preservation of the bodily component. Such a man does not need the treatment of a urologist or an endocrinologist – it is the prerogative of the sexologist, who “works” with what is higher in ­ yasa, and with that below. The specialist will help prevent the development of anxious waiting for sexual failure syndrome or outline ways to treat it. The problem is sometimes solved in one session, when the doctor explains ­ causes the occurrence of this disorder, corrects the settings and gives clear recommendations to the couple. After all, an erection is a joint product of the work of a man and   women”.

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