How does an erection

An erection occurs with an increase in blood flow to the penis: the net of empty veins running in the cavernous and spongy bodies is filled, the penis thickens and lengthens until it is filled with blood to failure.

Over the past century, surveys conducted among the population have shown that the list of stress associated with marriage is headed by money. Sociologists simply did not ask people about sex, and the respondents themselves did not give such information. When the list began to include sexual issues, money problems receded into the background. Even among happily married couples, about 50% of men mentioned some sexual difficulties (even less women were less satisfied – about 25%).

Indeed, being one of the pleasures of life, full-fledged sex contributes to a good emotional state. Sexual disorders often cause people a lot of unnecessary suffering – unnecessary because there are many good ways to correct them.

Normal penis

For most of its length, the penis consists of two closely adjacent cylindrical bodies, called cavernous bodies. Under them passes the spongy body, inside which is the urethra. The names “spongy” and “cavernous” quite accurately characterize them, since the cylinders are riddled with large veins, almost empty until the onset of erection.

The sciatic-cavernous muscles are attached to the base of the penis. By reducing and blocking the veins, they promote erection, stopping the outflow of blood from the penis. However, by themselves, these muscles do not produce an erection – it occurs when the penis is filled with blood. This requires healthy blood vessels and nerves.


The nerves controlling the erection begin in the nerve centers located in the lower part of the spinal column. Impulses from the brain (thoughts, pleasant sensations) can pass along the spinal cord and cause an erection, but are not a necessary condition for it.

There are three forms of erection:

  • Reflex  – occurs with the stimulation of the genitals. Like another reflex, such as the knee, it occurs with the participation of the spinal cord. This form of erection can be observed even in paraplegic (paralysis of the lower limbs) with vertebral injury.
  • Psychogenic  – The result of mental activity or sensory stimulation of any kind (sounds, visual images). This type of erection requires a healthy nervous system, since only a few patients with injuries to the lower spinal cord can achieve it.
  • Night  – for unclear reasons, occurs in a dream or on awakening in all men, starting from childhood. Indicates that the base mechanism operates normally. Impotents for psychological reasons or due to a lack of male hormones experience an erection during sleep. The absence of nocturnal erections indicates physical impairment.


Being necessary for puberty, male hormones (testosterone and dihydrotestosterone ) increase erection, but are not necessary. A man with hormonal deficiency loses interest in sex, the number of his ejaculate decreases somewhat, but he is capable of all three types of erection. The introduction of additional hormones to a man with their normal level increases sexual desire, but the person becomes more irritable and aggressive.

The mechanism of sexual intercourse

An erection occurs with an increase in blood flow to the penis: the net of empty veins running in the cavernous and spongy bodies is filled, the penis thickens and lengthens until it is filled with blood to failure. At the same time, the sciatic-cavernous muscles contract, compressing the base of the penis and blocking the outflow of blood from it. During this period, urination is difficult, and there is almost no blood in the penis. Such situations are fraught with gangrene, but this phase does not last long. Ejaculation occurs when muscles contract along the epididymis, sperm cord and prostate; while the seminal fluid is pushed into the urethra. The bladder neck also shrinks, preventing backflow of fluid, then the muscles of the penis contract sharply and rhythmically, throwing from 2 to 5 ml of ejaculate . Then the muscles of the penis relax, the blood runs out and the erection weakens. A man loses interest in sexual intercourse, and an erection and ejaculation for some time become impossible. The refractory period usually lasts only a few minutes, but can vary widely depending on the state of health, motivation and habits. With age, it lengthens, like all sexual phases.

Scientists explain why an erection occurs in a dream

Morning and night erections are characteristic of all the stronger sex. However, it is still not completely clear how, and most importantly – for what, does this “mechanism” work?

An erection that occurs in men in a dream, is closely related to the phase of REM sleep. So far, the mechanism of this connection has not been completely studied, but it is known thatduring this phase in the man’s brain there is an increase in activity in the area called varolia. by the bridge. This triggers a variety of reactions, including the release of nitric oxide by nerve fibers in the penis.

Although all this happens in a dream, a person does not necessarily sleep and sees seductive scenes in a dream. Children in the womb are far from earthly pleasures, but they also have night erections.

According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine , night erections are the result of human evolution. According to scientists, the main function of night erections is the blood saturation of the cavernous body of the male penis to supply tissues with oxygen. This prevents the development of fibrosis, is a prerequisite to the appearance of erectile dysfunction and impotence. In other words, the male brain gives the penis a little exercise during sleep for the purpose of prevention.


Spontaneous is called an erection, which occurs involuntarily without visible stimuli for the start of sexual intercourse, outside the erotic situation. Such an erection can be of different strength, however, it never reaches the maximum level sufficient for sexual intimacy. Each and every man had cases of spontaneous erection. Often it occurs during the daytime, and in some cases it can be clearly visible, which causes embarrassment and inconvenience.

Is spontaneous erection normal?

All doctors in one voice claim spontaneous erection – this is normal. It appears in men of almost all ages and speaks of the good health of the reproductive system. At the same time in adolescence (during puberty) spontaneous erections occur much more often, which is associated with a large number of male hormones. According to experts, spontaneous erection is beneficial for the body. So, when the penis is in a calm, unregulated state, the new arterial blood, which fills it at the time of arousal, practically does not flow. Spontaneous erection in this case prevents hypoxia.

Causes of spontaneous erection

There is a spontaneous erection, usually without the participation of consciousness, most often – during sleep. The reason may be an overflow of the rectum, bladder, seminal vesicles. Also, a specific reason may be missing. On average, a man has 5-6 erections every night. If the quality of nocturnal erections has decreased, you should consult a doctor, check your health and learn how to improve potency.

Ways to fight

Night erection, as a rule, does not cause any discomfort, many men do not even notice her. However, the excitement of the penis that occurs in the daytime, can cause a lot of inconvenience. Ways to combat spontaneous erection are individual for each man, however, there are several points that are common to most of the stronger sex.

Regular sex. Regular sex solves the problem of lack of oxygen in the tissues of the penis, as well as overflow of seminal vesicles. Thus, the need for spontaneous erection disappears, and the probability of its occurrence decreases several times.

Distracted thoughts. If a spontaneous erection has already occurred, the best way is to try to distract from thoughts about sex, think about something else and relax. As a rule, this allows you to relieve tension.

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