Why do men become psychological impotent

For any man, failure in bed is considered the most terrible moment in life. And if impotence occurs, it is a tragedy. There are a lot of reasons for this condition, but impotence occurs, the roots of which go to psychological factors. Psychological impotence can overtake a man of any age: a young guy or a person quite experienced in love affairs.

The loss of erectile function against the background of the emotional state of a man is distinguished by the psychological origin of the pathological process. Often the cause of this disorder becomes problems with his wife or at work, with a friend or child. Constant exposure to stress, lack of time and inability to relax in psycho-emotional terms lead to the development of psychological impotence.

Psychoanalysts and sexologists identify several factors leading to psychological impotence:

  1. Prolonged depression, when a man has an apathetic attitude to the whole environment, in particular, to women, he is discouraged and loses confidence, which has a very negative effect on sexual life;
  2. Disorder of sexual life. If a man is prone to frequent change of sexual partners, then this leads to fatal consequences. The man is sated and his sexual interest disappears. Only a constant and only partner can provide a harmonious relationship in sexual and emotional terms;
  3. Reaction to the condom. In many men, when using this kind of protection, excitement disappears, craving and erection disappear;
  4. Sexual trauma suffered in childhood can negatively affect sexual capabilities. Any factor, from inadequate education to sexual abuse, can act as an injury;
  5. Unsuccessful attempt to commit sexual intercourse is able to permanently enter the male subconscious to emerge as a memory before each sexual intimacy. A man is afraid of repetition, therefore he is in constant tension;
  6. Pathological phobia in the process of sexual intercourse to get any venereal infection (hypochondria) or the fear of an unplanned pregnancy causes a man to avoid intimacy, as a result of which psychological impotence develops;
  7. A long period of abstinence also negatively affects the quality and strength of erection, therefore, the first few attempts at intimacy may fail, which entails a whole range of consequences from nervous breakdown and irritability to persistent impotence of psychological origin;
  8. Drugs or alcohol. Being under the influence of such substances, a man risks becoming impotent, since they violate brain and nervous system activity, dull sensitivity and consciousness, contribute to achieving a euphoric state, followed by depression and apathy;
  9. Problems with self-esteem. Excessive self-confidence or lack of faith in oneself is equally dangerous for male libido and can lead to a lack of sexual satisfaction;
  10. Female indifference, lack of sexual interest and attraction from the wife strongly affects the psycho-emotional state of a man – he feels his uselessness and sexual inconsistency, which causes aggressive and stressful conditions leading to psycho-emotional impotence;
  11. In rare cases, psychological impotence is caused by sexual uncertainty, a change in sexual orientation.
  12. To eliminate such conditions, a long and persistent psychological work of a professional is needed, which helps to overcome such phobias, injuries and disorders.

What are the features of erectile dysfunction of psychological origin?

Recognizing the symptoms of an upcoming psychological erectile dysfunction is quite simple. Spontaneous erections at night or morning, uncontrollable, weakly intensive, unstable erection, periodic repetitions of erectile dysfunction in the process of making sexual contact – all this indicates the development of psychosexual problems.

They make people think about the development of psychological impotence and such symptoms:

  • Early ejaculation or lack thereof;
  • Difficulties with reaching orgasm;
  • Depressed libido;
  • Lack of sexual desire.

All this may signal serious problems with the erectile function of the man, therefore, requires immediate medical participation in order to identify the causes, as well as correct and correct the problems.

Sexual correction methods

In the treatment of this disease, the main focus is on psychological assistance, since its causes are hidden in the psycho-emotional sphere of a man who is recommended to adequately assess his condition.Psychological impotence is not treated with drugs, a completely different therapeutic approach is needed here. To begin with, it is necessary to eliminate the factors negatively affecting the potency, to normalize the sexual mode and lifestyle, to eliminate stresses.

If the causes of the pathology are hidden in a pathological or endogenous depressive state, then the patient is prescribed a course of anxiolytic and anti – depressant drugs, and against stressful conditions – fortifying and tonic preparations. Practically all specialists use PDE-5 inhibitors (Tadalafil, Sildenafil, Udenafil, Vardenafil) in the treatment of psychological impotence , the use of which is indicated before the final relief from psychogenic disorder

The main psychotherapeutic direction in the elimination of mental impotence is the overcoming of man’s fears associated with possible failures in bed. For this reason, it is recommended to conduct psychotherapeutic conversations together with the spouse, and not only with the man. To get rid of the neurosis that accompanies sexual failure, it is recommended to take drugs of sedative action. Such tools help a man to get rid of phobias and eliminate tension, they are resorted to once before sexual contact (within a few hours).

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