Surgical treatment of impotence (Falloprosthetics)

Impotence. With one thought about that he can get into similar “binding”, absolutely every man runs a nervous chill   back. But   the reality is: today the increase in potency representatives of the stronger sex enters top three life priorities. If you take in attention all statistics about varying degrees violations / lack of erection, it turns out that 55% of men in   35–48 years old can   complain abou  your intimate life. The explanation is chronic stress, poor ecology, unhealthy diet, avitaminosis, physical inactivity, alcohol to relieve psycho- physical stress, smoking, various ailments … But immediately dot the i’s. Men, have which erection is not broken are impotent. Have they only have problems with potency that can be eliminated. Impotence – this is the lack of sexual excitement, erection, ejaculation. With complete impotence on plastic surgery comes.

What grieves you?

  1. Inability to achieve / maintain an erection.
  2. An erection happens, but it is short term.
  3. A state of constant nervous tension or depression.
  4. Underdevelopment of the penis.
  5. Inefficiency / unacceptability of vacuum erectors.
  6. Endocrine impotence (diabetes).
  7. Impotence – consequence of surgical interventions rectum / prostate / urinary the bubble.
  8. Diagnosis: cavernous fibrosis of the penis.

When to do the surgery?

If the problem is only   periodic erectile dysfunction not   you need to torment yourself morally   and   stay alone with   their difficulties   – It is much wiser to find a good specialist who can help you. The choice of treatment depends on   what causes violations and   degrees of them   seriousness. AT In any case, you need advice from an urologist andrologist . Physiotherapy, modern medical drugs that are used in   clinical practice, allow to achieve high efficiency of treatment. Psychotherapy also helps. – talk to   an experienced psychologist / psychotherapist / sexologist. AT   in some cases, erectogenic drugs, vacuum erectors, intracavernous injections of vasoactive drugs are effective . If this is not enough, on help will come from surgery. Correct determination of indications for   penile prosthetics – the main condition for good   result of the operation. Many men are ashamed to turn to to the doctor. Such a position is not constructive, delay can lead to complete impotence. How much the situation is running can be determined with   using very significant indicators: the power of sexual desire, quality and the duration of an erection, the duration of sexual intercourse, your physical ability to realize it. When it comes to impotence, implies a situation in   complex: it may be defective or abnormal development of the genitals, pathological processes in   the nervous system, low levels of sex hormones, inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system and pelvic organs, surgery on   pelvic organs, penis / testes injuries and, as a result, dysfunction of the genital organs. It may be a failure in endocrine system, deep neuropsychiatric disorders (the sexual sphere is very vulnerable during mental trauma) and dr. Complete impotence in as an independent disease not is found – This is the verdict of the doctors. Her accompanied by other organic diseases that must be treated. Impotence can be an important symptom of a serious illness. Developed a radical way of getting rid of impotence – prosthetic penis (falloprosthetics). Advantage of the method – on   98% guaranteed erection with preserved sensitivity, colors of orgasm, childbearing and urinary function. An important factor in deciding prosthetics – experience of the surgeon.

To note

  1. Impotence can be with the very beginning of man’s sexual activity, and also develop after the N-period of normal functioning.Impairment of potency may not manifest always as well only with specific sex partners.
  2. Often dysfunction is a consequence of a violation of sexual orientation (latent homosexuality).When trying to join   sexual intercourse with a woman, a man has a strong emotion, which causes a disorder of sexual function.
  3. Impotence occurs in 40% of men in age 35-40 years. At the older age group (58 years and older) 70% of men suffer from this disorder.


Duration 1–2.5 hours (in depending on volume of surgical procedures). The bottom line: introduction of silicone prosthesis in cavernous body of the penis. The technique of operation depends on type of phalloprosthesis.


General combined / spinal / epidural.

To note

There are several types of prostheses at the disposal of surgeons, the choice of the optimal design – an important condition for the normal rehabilitation of the patient in postoperative period. Rigid falloprosthesis rods give the penis the necessary hardness. Form them not is modified, so the penis after surgery is in condition of constant erection. This creates inconvenience and complicates the social and sexual adaptation of patients. These dentures are practically not apply but Some men prefer just such a model. Semi-rigid falloprostheses consist of two hard cylinders but have “memory” for rod account of specific alloy (in center of the prosthesis), which allows you to maintain any position attached to the penis. The prosthesis “remembers” the shape given to it. Before intercourse, just straighten the penis, and after sex return him to initial position. Hydraulic phalloprostheses – these are hollow silicone tubes, inside of which there is a special fluid, which allows to imitate the physiological state of the penis and at rest and at condition of erection. The pump is placed in scrotum as well a reservoir (three-component falloprotez ) is placed next to bladder behind pubic bone. When compressing the pump fluid flows into   working part of the prosthesis (cylinders), providing a full erection. Have   men have the opportunity to independently manage the duration of erection and the stiffness of a member – You can perform multiple sexual acts of any duration, when you want it.

Postoperative period

Complete healing of the postoperative wound in 4–5 weeks. Sex life can begin after about 1–1.5 of the month.

Complications and risks

Possible, as a consequence of the use of low-quality implants and non-professional surgeon. The only way to treat complications is to remove implants with subsequent delayed reprosthetics.

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