Modern erectile dysfunction treatments

Caviar with vodka increases sexual desire

Italian scientists have figured out which products contribute to increasing potency and libido. The result of the experiment was unexpected: the combination of vodka and caviar has the best effect on a person’s sexual attraction.

Specialists from the University of Milan conducted a study, which was attended by 234 men and women aged 23 to 45 years. All participants with problems with sex were divided into four groups. One received the usual treatment, and three others were asked to use chocolate, truffles, or vodka with caviar as additives to drugs.

A few days later it turned out that the indicators in the first group rose by 25%. For those who indulged in caviar sandwiches and missed a glass of hot, the indices of sexual desire increased by 90%. Truffles and chocolate, which in their beneficial properties ahead of the fruit, helped only 43%.

Scientists have no doubt that there is something in the calf that strengthens the nerve cells of the intimate organs and “warms up” the senses. And when mixing it with strong alcohol, in this case with vodka, inflames the passion that noticed all the participants in the experiment.

Nevertheless, experts advise to be more careful with these aphrodisiacs, since side effects in the form of alcohol dependence or indigestion are unlikely to help establish close contacts with people of the other sex.

But the rejection of meat products can be a serious obstacle in the relationship of men and women. According to studies, vegetarians rarely like the beautiful half of humanity.

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