That’s why she calls you by another name during sex

Scientists have explained why the girl during sex with you exclaimed “Yes, Tolik!”, Although you are not at all Tolik. Perhaps this explanation will even calm you down.

Honestly, over the past year, our attitude to the sounds that women make during sex has become wary, especially after the news about the fact that most women do not moan with pleasure, but in order to amuse their partner.

And now came the scientific explanation of one of the most unpleasant phenomena that can happen to someone during sex: a partner calls you by another name. After such oral betrayal, not only trust in the partner disappears, but also the desire to have sex in general.

But science is in a hurry to help! Professor Jim Pfaus of Concordia University in Montreal explained that everything is so bad.

If during the sex the girl called you the name of her ex, it doesn’t mean that she thinks about him, says Professor Pfaus. It was her brain that returned to that blissful state that she experienced while having sex with him, and gave her the first association that turned up – his name.

In other words, you are having sex with a girl just as well as her ex, and in gratitude she automatically calls you his name.

Yeah. Thank you, Professor, reassured.

Of course, this is a little better than if she represented the ex during your sex. And what if the girl calls the name of the former, and someone unknown to you? To this question, science, alas, has no consoling answer.

event_note March 28, 2019

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